SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Circle

Alameda, CA, USA

Company Description


The Climate Restoration Circle (CRC) empowers and supports cities, communities, and businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, drawdown carbon from the atmosphere, restore the diversity and vitality of ecosystems, and enhance public health and social and economic wellbeing.

Call to Action

The massive scope and scale of mobilization and action necessary to stabilize the climate and biosphere will require unprecedented levels of stakeholder and public awareness, engagement, and deliberation to develop and implement effective and equitable climate policies, transform business operations and products, and inspire the public to enrich their own lives and households with climate-friendly practices.

The challenges we face may seem overwhelming.  But we have the knowledge, the technology, and the innovative capacity to meet them.  Often missing are political will and the impetus of technical and financial support.  CRC provides connections and a portal to sources of information and support you need.

The consequences of failure to act are unfathomable.  There is no better place to ramp up climate action than HERE — at home, in your community, in your business — and no better time than NOW.

Email me jobs from SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Circle


Email me jobs from SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Circle