REGID International

Nairobi, Kenya

Company Description

REGID International is a Geospatial Impact Development organization that provides technical expertise to support landscape restoration and climate mitigation activities of development iNGOs, governments and private sector.

REGID International has worked in the past couple of years with the Gates Foundation Intellectual Ventures Lab of Seattle to build a digital climate technology – a CNN model for global tree cover assessment on very high-resolution imagery; we have synergized with our biomass carbon algorithm to provide one of the most competitive mix of spatial and temporal resolutions for global biomass carbon accounting in Afforestation/Reforestation (A/R) programs.

Technology Summary: We train Machine Learning image processor to recognize tree cover density, crown measurements and land cover as a proxy for biomass carbon in very high-resolution satellite imagery using training data that has been gathered in situ or via visual interpretation. We use this analysis to develop a dashboard for tracking biomass carbon projects over time.

The Technology is applicable in:

  1. Demonstration of additionality for carbon forestry projects
  2. Generation of very high-resolution data for decision support
  3. Proposal Development support – definition of targets for restoration programs Technical advisory – design of monitoring strategic framework
  4. Supporting fundraising through technical donor reporting
  5. Continuous, existing and historical change monitoring of the above KPIs

At the moment we need to lock in the algorithm to programs where it will have the optimal impact in value addition for carbon tech. First, we will need to complete the tech through automation to a scalable platform and commercialize or operations. We are looking for individuals with self-drive, determination, energy and passion for nature conservation to join our team.

Email me jobs from REGID International


Email me jobs from REGID International