TBN Atlantic Rainforest

London, UK

Company Description

The race to net carbon zero emissions among the world's leading corporations won't be possible without radical reduction in carbon emissions AND offsetting those emissions that cannot be eliminated.

TBN brings together an experienced team of Brazilian reforestation, legal and business professionals to help international companies offset their carbon emissions via a bespoke reforestation project in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest – one that is aligned to optimise a company's wider ESG agenda.

Only Brazil offers the necessary scale and history of projects to generate a sufficient level of carbon sequestration from new and audited projects to meet the growing corporate need for carbon credits.

TBN will work with you to:

  • Design your own reforestation project to meet your long-term carbon credit needs.
  • Ensure a fixed cost and guaranteed future supply of carbon credits in your journey to net zero.
  • Achieve a wider ESG “halo” effect, creating exemplary marketing and communications narrative that spans local communities as well as Natural Accounting issues such as biodiversity and water quality.

TBN Benefits:


You will support leading educational institutions with critical climate change, Ecology & biological research.


In due course visit your project as it grows or even set it up as an Ecotourism destination.

Expert team

Your investment will be managed by an expert team of including leading ecological scientists and business professionals in Brazil and the UK.

Independent verification

Independent quantification, verification, validation, monitoring and reporting by reputable third parties is part of the key benefits. This ensures guaranteed carbon sequestration.

Proprietary model - ownership & control.

UK investment structure.

Leading Educational, NGO & private sector partners throughout.

Your very own rainforest with your name on it.

Email me jobs from TBN Atlantic Rainforest


Email me jobs from TBN Atlantic Rainforest