Cadence OneFive Inc.


Company Description

We’re founded by building energy geeks, and we're creating a market-transforming solution to accelerate building decarbonization in large cities. As a public benefit corporation, we put profit and our climate action/climate justice mission on equal footing. Though we already have a 3-year runway from an anchor client and an early investor, we'll be seeking additional investment soon because in climate action, speed is everything!

You'll probably feel energized on our team if you like:

  • Bringing your whole self to work
  • Working all-remote with autonomy and flexibility
  • Making an impact and creating visible, positive changes
  • Learning and being creative i.e. exploring, experimenting, and discovering
  • Being great and taking pride in the excellence of your work
  • Sharing your expertise and insights
  • Encouraging your teammates' growth and progress
  • Excitement and a little bit of risk and adventure

On the flip side, you might not be happy on our team if you don't believe:

  • Climate action and climate justice are important challenges to address
  • Diverse perspectives help drive better decisions
  • Cooperation and collaboration can help solve big problems faster
  • Self actualization is a worthy goal and healthy work/life balance is important
  • It's okay to enjoy yourself while solving serious, important problems

We’re trying to cast a wide net for a diverse pool of applicants. Folks with non-traditional backgrounds, including career-changers, and those from under-represented groups in the tech/energy fields are encouraged to get in touch.

Email me jobs from Cadence OneFive Inc.


Email me jobs from Cadence OneFive Inc.