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Soil Carbon restoration for climate mitigation and food system resilience

Agricarbon is an industry leader in helping a wide range of high-end/top draw clients to participate in removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in soil. Over 150 years of industrialised farming, the world has stripped billions of tonnes of organic carbon from our soils, reducing its critical fertility, biodiversity and water-holding capacity.

The opportunity to restore organic carbon through regenerative farming practices is transformative in:

  • Restoring a healthy soil ecosystem rich in organic matter, for a resilient future food and farming system
  • Reducing the impact of agriculture on climate change
  • Removing anthropogenic CO2 (returned to soils as organic Carbon) - on a massive scale

Demand for carbon removal is forecast to grow exponentially in the next few decades and nature-based solutions such as soil carbon restoration are relatively low-cost initiatives deployable at great scale. These solutions present considerable environmental, economic and social co-benefits on a global basis and well into the future It has been estimated that agricultural soils have the capacity to capture up to 1 trillion tonnes of CO2 through regenerative farming practices. This is clearly big business.


Agricarbon plays a vital role in the market – by measuring the CO2 being sequestered into soils – to unlock carbon incentives and investments to help catalyse a wholesale transition to regenerative farming and land-use.


Agricarbon is an ambitious scale-up in the fast-emerging climate-tech space with a proven track-record. We have developed an innovative technology-based service that measures soil carbon with the highest level of accuracy and at ultra-low cost which provides a vital missing link: reliable evidence of soil carbon sequestration (capturing/securing carbon in soil) to secure payments for and investment in CO2 removal, unlocking soil as a vast carbon sink and new income for farmers and landowners.

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Email me jobs from Agricarbon UK Ltd