Cloud to Street

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Company Description

Ensuring that all vulnerable communities have the information they need to prepare for and respond to disasters by reducing the scientific barriers to the necessary information.


Our highly accurate and automated payout trigger replaces field appraisers and enables insurers to assess damage to crops, homes, and other assets. The system can also serve as a backup to rainfall-based index insurance.

Watershed and Disaster Agencies

Our watershed-wide analytics and flood maps are updated with a click of a button. They enable authorities  to keep people and assets out of flood prone areas, design dykes and dams, identify wetlands, and more.

Crisis Managers

Near real-time flood monitoring system pinpoints people affected during a crisis and delivering the disaster relief needed. Managers can quickly share damage reports with everyone from international agencies to first responders.

Email me jobs from Cloud to Street


Email me jobs from Cloud to Street