Greenbelt Alliance


Company Description

Greenbelt Alliance addresses a single challenge: how the Bay Area handles growth. We shape the rules that govern growth to protect the region's open spaces and to ensure neighborhoods within our cities and towns are amazing places for everyone.

Grow Smart Bay Area Goals

By 2035 we call for:

  • Fully protecting the Bay Area's 3.6 million-acre greenbelt of natural and agricultural lands;
  • Directing all new development into already urbanized areas;
  • Greenbelt protection and urban development that benefits Bay Area residents across the socio-economic spectrum.

How We Work

We advocate for, provide expertise on, and build support behind public policy and planning that supports open space conservation and smart growth. We defend the Bay Area's natural and agricultural landscape from developmentfrom the natural lands that shelter wildlife and provide fresh water to the farms and ranches that give us local food. And we shape the rules that make great cities, towns, and neighborhoodshealthy places where people can walk and bike, communities with businesses, parks, shops, transportation options, and homes that are affordable. Together these amazing places drive the Bay Area's economic vitality and quality of life.

We bring together the community, decision-makers, business leaders, labor unions, and organizations to find innovative solutions to our region's growth challenges. We work both regionally and locally, blending high-level policy expertise with tangible, meaningful action in our cities and towns.

The places that make the Bay Area special are incredibly diverse, which is why Greenbelt Alliance's work ranges from saving farms in Santa Clara County and wildlife habitat in Sonoma County to revitalizing commercial strips in Silicon Valley and Oakland.

Email me jobs from Greenbelt Alliance


Email me jobs from Greenbelt Alliance