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MESA cultivates a global grassroots network of food and farming leaders dedicated to reviving community food systems. Through experiential learning in agroecology and horizontal exchanges for food sovereignty, MESA links ancestral knowledge with innovation rooted in earth stewardship, equitable economies, and multicultural alliances worldwide.


MESA envisions a world where farmers and indigenous heritage are celebrated as the heart of community resilience and communities around the world revitalize their food and farming systems to nourish people and the planet.

This is a world where the popular social paradigm is people and earth centric, rather than profit-driven, and where the biological and cultural diversity of ecosystems and humankind is honored and preserved.

This is a world where elders, experienced farmers, and leaders can mentor the next generation, and where beginning farmers have access to resources for successful livelihoods.

This is a world that understands the interconnectedness of humanity, the earth, and our collective wellbeing.

This is a world where those who labor in our food systems have the ability to choose what they eat, how and where it's produced and provided.


Connect a Global Network MESA connects a global grassroots network dedicated to transforming food and farming systems. Through cross-cultural horizontal exchange, experiential learning, and participatory action, MESA links farmers, activists, and educators in the movement to unite as global citizens and rebuild resilient, equitable food systems.

Collaborate with Leaders and Learners MESA's collaborative exchanges and tools help leaders and learners bridge ancestral knowledge with innovation through intergenerational mentorship. MESA supports community-led education and network building to integrate on-farm practices with the socio-political and economic foundations of the global food system.

Cultivate Community Food Systems MESA cultivates community-based food systems around the world rooted in earth stewardship, equitable economies, and multicultural alliances. MESA seeds ecological farming and food justice projects including new farms, CSAs, farmers' markets, school gardens, field schools, farm-to-table business and women farmer cooperatives, all based in the models of agroecology and food sovereignty.

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Email me jobs from Mesa, Inc