San Francisco, CA, USA

Company Description

Upshift is reducing CO2 emissions and the need for cars and parking spaces, which is all better for the environment and our cities.

Upshift provides you the convenience of a car when you need it, without any of the hassles. We're redefining car ownership for urban living

Most urbanites don’t use their car everyday. So why deal with the hassles and high price of car ownership for a car you only need a couple of days a week? Whenever you need a car, we deliver a hybrid RAV4 SUV or Prius. Locate, unlock, and drive your car with our app – no keys! Run some errands, go for a hike, or get to your business meeting. Then simply return anywhere in the city - we’ll pick it up, refuel and clean it for you for next time. Our transparent subscriptions are for people driving around 1-3 days/week and include everything you need like full coverage insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Sharing cars means fewer cars made, owned, and parked. Our hybrid fleet uses half the gas (and produces half the CO2). Our cars have the latest semi-autonomous technologies like adaptive cruise control, pre-collision avoidance, and blind spot monitor detection to keep you safe - you practically don’t even need to drive or park them! Our concierges deliver using bicycles and we use all natural, biodegradable, and waterless cleaning supplies.

Usage based subscription pricing reduces the miles people drive by 27%. We see a roughly 4x reduction in CO2 emissions over owning a gas car. Our service has already eliminated over 351,637 pounds of CO2. We’re planning to electrify our fleet soon to deepen our impact.

We're now in San Francisco with plans to be in every city soon so you can get your car whenever you need it, wherever you go. It's the future of car ownership – designed around you and your life. Go where you want, when you want – and leave the rest to us.

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Email me jobs from Upshift