Company Description

Propagate helps farmers & landowners make regenerative agriculture work for them by balancing short-term income with long-term returns.

Their platform, Overyield, makes it easy to design and analyze the future of a farm so that farmers and landowners can generate more profit per acre. Think Figma for land design and development.

Through Propagate, users can also access the operational know-how, implementation tools, financing and off-take agreements needed to reduce business risks while integrating fruit, nut and timber trees with animal or crop farming systems.

By helping farmers focus on permanent crops in regenerative agriculture, a practice known as agroforestry, farmers become more resilient and investors earn great returns while building the next generation of regenerative farms.

Propagate is a Techstars-backed company, a portfolio company of Elemental Excelerator as well as Exelon Corporation’s inaugural 2c2i cohort.

Propagate currently advises across 20,000 acres of agroforestry in the USA, supporting nearly 600,000 trees & shrubs. Propagate also actively manages over 450 commercial acres and growing through its agroforestry hubs.

Email me jobs from Propagate


Email me jobs from Propagate