Senior Data Engineer

San Francisco
about 2 months ago
Full time role


SPAN is developing products to enable rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home. We ...

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Job Description

Our Mission  

SPAN develops products that accelerate the rapid adoption of renewable energy in the home. The flagship SPAN Smart Panel is the first true evolution for the traditional home electric panel, harnessing enhanced technology for metering, monitoring, and control. An expanded product suite of intelligent, integrated solutions radically lowers the cost and complexity of energy upgrades–including solar, batteries and EVs–empowering homeowners to be active, resilient and informed players in the energy market. 

The Role

We are seeking a senior data engineer to join our team building the cloud based glue that gives our users access to the rich information and controls provided by the SPAN Panel. Our system collects a large volume of energy monitoring data that needs to be stored, processed, and exposed in different ways for different end users. We're also opening up revolutionary levels of insight and control of the energy in the home, which need to be accessed in secure and easy-to-use APIs.

You’ll join our cloud software engineering team, bringing your expertise in data engineering to bear as we design, implement, and manage the SPAN cloud system. You’ll work with other engineers including mobile, device firmware, and systems software in our broader software engineering group. Your data experience will help us build features and systems that leverage the wealth of data the SPAN panel generates, integrate with external datasets and services, and utilize machine learning to be most efficient and effective.


  • Design and develop high performance data pipelines (both batch and streaming) to drive new and improved features of the SPAN System.
  • Work on the delivery of new and improved customer facing features for homeowners, installers, and electric utility companies.
  • Collaborate with data science and product to develop data models to meet internal and external use cases.
  • Enable internal groups such as support, manufacturing, and business teams by providing them the data they need to be successful.

About You

Required Qualifications:

We are seeking a seasoned backend engineer with several years demonstrating knowledge and experience in:

  • 5+ years of experience in cloud software development of any kind. At least 3 of those years focused on high performance data systems
  • Collaborating with engineers from multiple domains, to complete projects.
  • Leveraging cloud based SaaS tooling for data processing ETLs, e.g. AWS Athena, Kinesis, Glue, Spark, Databricks, Snowflake etc.
  • Designing large scale data analyses to efficiently run in the cloud.
  • Collaborating with coworkers in shared code base using industry standard tools and processes including source control, linting and unit testing
  • Understanding engineering principles and processes to design secure, robust, scalable and resilient systems
  • A common scripting language (e.g. JavaScript, Python), and desire to work with TypeScript and Python

Bonus Qualifications:

We would love to hire someone with experience working in one or more of the following areas:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) products (e.g. AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT, something homegrown) or other hardware component to the product
  • Designing data schemas for external users
  • Surfacing data products to end customers
  • Docker based deployments

Life at SPAN

SPAN embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. 

Headquartered in San Francisco’s vibrant SoMa neighborhood, we are an eclectic group of creative thinkers who value open communication, teamwork, and a ‘make it happen’ approach to addressing complex challenges. 

Our CEO, Arch Rao⁠—former head of the Tesla Powerwall team⁠—fosters an energetic and collaborative environment, with a strong emphasis on maintaining work-life-balance across the organization.

We’re hiring talented individuals who are driven by success and are passionate about shaping the future of renewable energy. If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to consider joining the rapidly growing team at SPAN.

The Perks:

⚡ Competitive compensation + equity grants at a well-funded, venture-backed company

⚡ Comprehensive benefits (including medical; dental, vision, life and disability insurance)

⚡ Comfortable, sunny office space located near BART and Caltrain public transit

⚡ Strong focus on teambuilding and company culture (events, meet-ups, clubs)

⚡ Flexible hours and unlimited PTO

Our Mission & Values:

At SPAN, we believe that powering your home with clean energy should be a simple and delightful experience that is at its essence human-centered and technology-forward.

Our core values include:

  • Making home energy more accessible, intuitive, and convenient.
  • Enabling homes and vehicles to be powered by the sun.
  • Building resilient homes with reliable power.
  • All-electric everything.
  • A more flexible & distributed grid.

Interested in joining our team? Submit an application today and we’ll be in touch with next steps!

SPAN is developing products to enable rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home. We ...

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