Senior DBA (Database Administrator)

10 days ago
Full time role


Synoptic Data PBC

Synoptic’s mission is to provide expanded access to environmental data in order to enhance public safety, improve the productivity of ...

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Job Description

Position Summary

In this role, you will be responsible for managing over 20 relational databases that receive millions of real-time weather observations each day for use in critical low-latency zero-downtime applications. This role requires expert skills in database optimization and scaling, including the tuning of indexes and disk IO (at both the OS and database server level), to support large and growing volumes of high velocity write and read patterns. This is a highly collaborative role that engages with software developers on new and existing projects to provide oversight on database query techniques and schema development. 

You will…

  • Manage and support over 20 separate database servers, many being replicas for production data services and APIs 

  • Provide assistance in database design and implementation for relational databases as well as NOSQL databases

  • Perform all aspects of database administration including installation, upgrading, patching, tuning, support, backups and troubleshooting

  • Work closely with application development teams and systems administrators to test, troubleshoot, and optimize new and existing database-driven applications

  • Actively participate in the daily operational activities that impact important components / processes of the of the IT work function

  • Support database functions by designing and scripting utilities to minimize human interaction of repetitive tasks

  • Monitor production, test, and development database environments and actively pursue any issues limiting the performance, scalability, and availability of these systems

  • Take ownership of problems and manage incidents to limit issues seen by clients

  • Support enterprise security, auditing, and compliance related tasks

  • Willing to carry a cell phone and participate in an on-call rotation

  • Occasionally be able to work odd hours to help meet customer service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Keep up with the latest technology and trends by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, benchmarking state-of-the-art practices, and participating in professional societies

You should have…

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent experience

  • 5+ years of database administrative experience working with various database management systems

  • Experience in a heavily used, highly available, 24x7 enterprise platform

  • Extensive experience supporting any of these platforms - MySQL, MariaDB, Percona; and exposure with sqlite3, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and NOSQL methodologies and solutions 

  • Experience tuning and optimizing database engines

  • Experience in troubleshooting and resolving database issues such as database integrity, performance, blocking and deadlocking, replication, connectivity, security, etc.

  • Experience in backup and recovery best practices, general administration, and health maintenance operations

  • Experience in database performance tuning methodologies, including database engine compression techniques, read/write balancing for use-case optimizations, and simplicity in schema design and execution 

  • Experience in configuring, implementing, and supporting high availability strategies with database systems including clustering and replication

  • Ability to work in a 24/7 high availability environment to ensure compliance with SLAs

  • Experience with Unix, particularly Ubuntu, and exposure to Python

  • Understanding of why the Oxford Comma is important

Synoptic Data PBC

Synoptic’s mission is to provide expanded access to environmental data in order to enhance public safety, improve the productivity of ...

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