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ISeeChange is a data and engagement platform to help cities combat climate change. ISeeChange leverages resident generated data and weather measurements ...

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Job Description

Computer Vision Engineer / Data Scientist (contractor, remote)

ISeeChange is a data and engagement company dedicated to helping cities combat climate change. Our AI-enabled platform cross-references community-reported events with real-time data, enabling sustainable, equitable and efficient infrastructure and public works projects in municipalities across North America. Cities, engineers, utilities, and researchers use our software as a service to site, design, build, and monitor climate solutions that work best for communities.

ISeeChange is developing scalable data processing pipelines powered by resident-generated information, machine learning, and client needs. You will:

  • Create a long-term backend strategy based on company priorities and projects, and maintain a high-level understanding of all technologies used, and systems supported by the team.
  • Design, build and maintain APIs, services and systems across our platform
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling and processes
  • Make sure our core infrastructure and technology can grow, change and scale painlessly
  • Be available for on-call support for server outages 
  • Manage, update, and document our database, APIs and cloud infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain security access protocols on back-end systems
  • Assisting the Data Science team to envision integration and communication from the backend database to a new data server for modelling and predictive analytics. 
  • Measure performance, keeping a close pulse on client stakeholders, anticipating bottlenecks, making tradeoffs, and taking acceptable risks. 
  • Ensure the team’s technical and architectural decisions are consistent with company strategy and goals.
  • Design and develop new features, algorithms, data processing operations, benchmarks and tests in the context of both client services and our user community.
  • Provide high-quality code reviews that help colleagues learn and improve.
  • Research new technologies, make thoughtful recommendations, and clearly communicate trade-offs of adoption.
  • Occasionally mentor and supervise backend contractors if needed to meet feature development deadlines

Must Haves:

  • Proficiency in NodeJS (Express) and TypeScript
  • Proficiency working with & maintaining PostgreSQL databases
  • Experience designing and  building REST APIs
  • Experience with AWS and Kubernetes
  • Firm grasp of test-driven development and test automation
  • Excellent communication, listening, and organization skills to work with teammates across disciplines and time zones. 
  • Timeliness in meetings and active listening in collaborative sessions (which may be for other teammates’ areas or  business development)
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Attention to detail and strong execution skills (you meet deadlines and help others meet theirs) 

What We Are Looking For:

  • Technical experience at a tech company with a strong aptitude and understanding of how to break processes down into technical objects to solve problems.
  • Familiarity with several cloud technologies and service-based architectures
  • Excellent communication, listening, and organization skills to solve complex problems and work with teammates across disciplines, as well as across time-zones
  • Ability to work in a new market in a fast-growing industry
  • An entrepreneurial mindset. Equal comfort with both customer and consumer-focused innovation and SaaS.
  • Experience with developing and following through on metrics and goals
  • Expertise walking the tight balance between detail-oriented and big-picture thinking – always keeping the future and road map in mind when working on smaller backend and database tasks.
  • A thirst to adapt and learn to keep innovating on cutting-edge features
  • A hunger for making a difference on climate change

We’d be super pumped if you also have:

  • Experience or familiarity with Python 
  • Experience working with CI/CD tools and setting up continuous integration pipelines
  • A solid understanding of GIS concepts, experience with PostGIS, and remote sensing
  • An interest and experience in security concepts / best practices
  • Experience working with climate, environmental,  or weather-related modelling products
  • Experience with data science and machine learning applications
  • Experience in managing development of SaaS, B2B or B2G tool.  

How to apply:

Apply here with a statement of interest, resume and an optional link to examples of your work or website.

ISeeChange is a data and engagement platform to help cities combat climate change. ISeeChange leverages resident generated data and weather measurements ...

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