Electronics R&D Engineer

San Francisco, CA, USA
7 days ago
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Good Machine

San Francisco, CA, USA

Good Machine is a San Francisco based venture studio that empowers diverse communities with tools to increase their agency in ...

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Job Description

About us:

We are a stealth hardware startup in the Good Machine portfolio that is developing solutions for monitoring real time environmental status related to climate change.

Good Machine is a San Francisco based venture studio that empowers diverse communities with tools to increase their agency in a sustainable future. Our vision is a thriving, interconnected world where life is improved through invention.

About the Job:

This is the first full time electrical engineering position on this project. It is a prototyping position and is ideal for someone who likes to work independently on multiple projects, play with circuits, and build physical parts. You will work with a core team of three and report to the technical R&D director.

In the beginning, you will primarily work with and modify off-the-shelf products and pre-made custom components and you will need to be able to work both collaboratively and independently with minimal supervision. There is significant opportunity for growth in this role and the design responsibilities of the position could grow as the project evolves. 

You do not need to be a traditional engineer. We are looking for someone with a diverse electronics skill set, who is excited by the problem solving that designing and building new technologies requires.

This role is onsite at our office in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco. Additionally, you will travel for occasional overnight work in remote outdoor locations for testing and demonstration flights.

What You’ll Do:

  • Work on multiple projects in various stages of development
  • Design, assemble, and document electronics wiring and custom cabling
  • Integrate electrical and mechanical subsystems into the flight vehicle, ground support equipment, and network tools
  • Test components and subsystems for reliability and environmental durability
  • Write BOMs and procedures for assembly, test, setup, and operations procedures for electronics systems and subsystems
  • Analyze and present data from flight telemetry and perform root cause analysis
  • Support flight and onsite testing
  • Keep all documentation and testing data organized
  • Coordinate with the team at all phases of development and keep them updated on lead time changes of deliverables to ensure successful delivery of systems for on time mission deployment
  • Maintain a small EE lab including stocking, organizing, and inventorying parts, tools, and supplies

Preferred Skills:

Electronics experience

  • Implementation of power electronics modules - voltage regulators, battery chargers, and power supplies
  • Modifying existing devices ports, cables, and wires 
  • Simple proto board / modules circuits at Adafruit / Sparkfun level
  • Crimping small multi-pin cables
  • Soldering including for manual surface mount components
  • Familiarity with digital communications buses such as I2C, SPI, Serial and CAN
  • Troubleshooting at module, device, protocol, firmware and basic wiring levels


  • Raspberry pi hardware/software setup and customization
  • Serial interfaces, configurations, and terminals
  • Network configuration / troubleshooting
  • Mac OSX, Windows, and basic Linux


  • Arduino-level Embedded C / C++, Python, Shell scripts
  • Revision control with Github and good code commenting
  • Ability to write up specifications for parts needing CAD design and 3D printing, communicate with Mechanical Engineers to clarify
  • Prototyping and solution development occurs on tight timelines. You will need to quickly design and test hacks for custom solutions.
  • No college degree is required, practical experience counts

Bonus Qualifications:         

  • CAD or CAM PCB layout
  • Mechanical design CAD
  • Streaming video tools and protocols 
  • SDR receivers/transmitters
  • Image processing
  • Drone technology
  • Wireless communications protocols like Iridium SBD, LORA, and MAVlink
  • Open-source software projects
  • Hardware startup experience


  • Competitive salary and flexible working hours
  • Unlimited PTO & sick time
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance. HSA available
  • Company matched 401(k)
  • 1 block from MUNI T line train and 15 bus

A successful candidate may not have every listed skill, but they are able to demonstrate relevant knowledge and skills through prior projects. If you are excited about this role and think you can add value to our mission, we urge you to apply! 

Good Machine is an equal opportunity employer, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or any other basis protected by national, state, or local law. 

Good Machine

San Francisco, CA, USA

Good Machine is a San Francisco based venture studio that empowers diverse communities with tools to increase their agency in ...

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