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San Francisco, California
about 1 month ago
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TeraWatt Infrastructure was established, in the absence of anything like it, to provide solutions for the large scale electric vehicle ...

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Job Description

About TeraWatt Infrastructure
At TeraWatt, our mission is to power electrified fleets with the most reliable network of charging centers. Our platform provides solutions on the leading edge of the transition to zero-carbon transport. TeraWatt’s various functions embody the company’s core values to achieve our goals.
With increasing demand for electric vehicles, we are facing a once-in-a-century technology transition. The market for EV charging infrastructure is expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2040. The nation needs a long-term partner in the inevitable transition to all-electric transportation. At TeraWatt, you will join your team in delivering quality end-to-end charging solutions. TeraWatt Infrastructure is the leader in financing, developing, and operating electric vehicle charging solutions. With the transition to electrification of transport imminent, now is the time to develop these assets
The future of electrified transportation requires innovation and a multi-trillion dollar investment in energy, real-estate, and charging infrastructure. TeraWatt's business model builds on the economics of renewable energy project development and a proven real estate strategy. TeraWatt is well established with a portfolio of properties spanning 18 states. These sites include charging solutions in key transportation corridors and logistics hubs. Client needs span urban mobility hubs, last mile fleet operators, and long haul electric trucking.
At TeraWatt, we execute humbly and with urgency to provide energy and charging solutions that delight our clients and support the transition to clean, electrified transport. We are building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. At TeraWatt, we continuously strive to foster inclusion, humility, energizing relationships and belonging, and welcome new ideas. We're growing and want you to grow with us. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.
Impact to Climate Change:
Transportation creates 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions each year. Electrifying transportation is priority #1 to impact climate change.  By electrifying fleets, we can mitigate more than 70% of mobility CO2 urban emissions, remove 50% of city air pollution, and help fleet operators meet Net Zero commitments.
Role Description
In this role, you will support the Project Development organization by building out standardized controls across the development of all TeraWatt Charging Centers.  The Manager will be responsible for creating and ensuring compliance with TeraWatt’s requirements and processes for forecasting and maintaining project schedules and budgets.  TeraWatt uses project charters to define the single source of truth for the most critical aspects of a project site.  You will own this process internally so that all teams within the company have equal and current knowledge of project life status. In addition, you will develop and implement practices for meeting management, R-A-C-I assignments, vendor engagement schedule and document storage, using third-party and internally developed software tools. 
You will use your in-depth experience in project management.  You will have a track record of supporting complex projects on-time and within budget.  By supporting the development of the future of transportation infrastructure, you will directly impact vehicle fleet operators' confidence and success in electrification. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Create unified processes to ensure project owners accomplish tasks, budgets and milestones as well as quickly mitigate project risks and blockers
  • Establish and implement best practices and procedures for all TeraWatt Charging Center projects from due diligence to initial commercial operations
  • Assist with issuing requests for proposal from construction management firms and general contractors in a form which is easily comparable and actionable by company management and project managers 
  • Set up and maintain leadership and development team management dashboard to identify critical progress and risks for all projects
  • Develop and introduce strategies for continuous improvement across all development and construction activities to achieve cost efficiency and speed to initial operations from internal team members and external vendors
  • Translate company vision into goals which are easily understandable and measurable across the company and its investors
  • Forecast demand on internal and third-party people resources, identifying and effecting strategies for balancing resources to ensure timely delivery of key milestones 
  • Design and provide TeraWatt’s project management training to newly hired employees
  • Enhance and maintain unified communications to Management, Product, Sales & Business Development, Finance, Technology and Operations teams

Preferred Qualifications

  • 6 - 10 years experience in construction or engineering project development or management, including for complex projects
  • Familiarity with large project management tools, software, contracting structures and projects
  • Record of building and adapting project management processes to achieve measurable efficiency gains
  • Experience constructing electric energy intensive projects such as data centers, wind, solar and storage projects, or industrial facilities
  • Experience across the entire project development lifecycle, including site acquisition due diligence, design, permitting, utility service provisioning, procurement, contracting, acceptance and commissioning
  • Experience collaborating with Commercial and Finance teams on project planning and development

TeraWatt Infrastructure was established, in the absence of anything like it, to provide solutions for the large scale electric vehicle ...

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