Senior Fullstack Developer (f/m/d)

28 days ago
Full time role


We are making Carbon Removal and Storage a great investment – for companies and investors, as well as for the ...

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Job Description

👋 Hi there, we are… 👋

a still early-stage but already well funded ClimateTech startup. We believe it is possible to create a better world for the benefit of future generations. We do our part by making carbon removal and storage a great investment – for investors and for the planet.

💡 And you are... 💡

  • an early member of the engineering team, who will be directly involved in making and executing technical decisions. When it comes to product and code, we’re looking to work with experienced people who can pick a problem and solve it

  • a developer with at least 5+ years of experience in software engineering

  • a developer with profound knowledge of TypeScript and writing serverless functions

  • experienced in writing well structured web applications with React/Next.js

  • familiar with one or more state management solutions like Redux, MobX or zustand

  • experienced and with a strong knowledge in working with databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • proficient in the use of version control / source code management tools

  • experienced in TDD and you have an eye for quality code

  • passionate and interested in new technologies

  • flexible in working on many different things

  • are allowed to work in Europe

  • a person who cares as much as we do about stopping climate change

👨🏼‍💻 What you will do 👨🏼‍💻

  • Build the backend for various user-facing features
  • Build new user-facing features with beautiful and scalable UI components
  • Implement complex React components from Figma
  • Design scalable, event driven systems to solve novel problems with modern cloud technology and industry best practices
  • Diagnose and improve application performance
  • Develop maintainable and qualitative code
  • Create tools to automate and optimize development processes
  • Manage the development process

🌳 You have the chance to... 🌳

  • be part of a revolution in the Voluntary Carbon Market

  • build digital products that can actually save the world

  • become part of a amazing team which is crazy enough to believe they can change the world

  • unfold your abilities and to let your ideas become reality - Because everyone of us has a say in what we do

🚲 By the way... 🚲

  • you would receive a monthly mobility budget or a bike, as well as the latest Apple hardware

  • you can work remotely – from wherever you want

  • we have a magnificent virtual office and also have the opportunity to work together in our office in Hamburg

We are making Carbon Removal and Storage a great investment – for companies and investors, as well as for the ...

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