Procurement and Logistics Agent

Oakland, CA
12 days ago
Full time role


Pyka’s goal is to provide society with a new form of fast, environmentally friendly, and accessible transportation enabled by autonomous ...

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Job Description

Pyka is seeking a motivated and process-oriented Procurement and Logistics Agent to join our growing team. You will have the unique opportunity to build Pyka's inventory and logistics systems from the ground up. The primary focus of this role is to set the manufacturing team up for success by translating aircraft BOMs into shop floor inventory and delivering planes to customers. This critical role helps keep production on schedule. You will be in charge of inventory and  manage the flow of materials in and out of our production warehouse. Pyka is a quickly growing start up with a fast-paced work environment, which requires each team member to be self-starting and fairly autonomous. An ideal candidate for this role is highly organized and is experienced in logistics, ordering, inventory, and material movements. The role is evenly split between hands-on and computer work to perform the responsibilities of procurement, developing Pyka’s inventory and logistics systems, and handling outbound/inbound logistics in a hardware R&D environment.

About Pyka

Pyka’s goal is to provide society with a new form of fast, environmentally friendly, and accessible transportation enabled by autonomous electric aviation.

To get there, we’re taking a different approach than most. We're applying our technologies to every industry where electric aircraft can be useful, starting with the highest value and most dangerous jobs. In doing so, we're building useful, game-changing products manufactured at scale, while perfecting the safety, reliability, and capabilities of our autonomy engine and electric propulsion systems. 

Today, we supply our aircraft to agricultural service providers and farmers as an autonomous tool that makes aerial crop protection safer, more targeted and less harmful to surrounding environments. Our vehicles are highly economical to operate and easy to deploy. What you work on at Pyka makes people’s lives better now and brings the future of electric aviation one-step closer each day.

We design, develop and manufacture an ecosystem of technologies including proprietary flight control software, avionics, high power density motors, motor controllers, batteries, and custom carbon-fiber composite airframes.

We foster a welcoming community within our company that promotes experimentation, asking questions, making simple solutions to complex problems, and expressing different views and opinions. We are a transparent company both internally and externally and do not believe in operating in “stealth mode.” Lastly, we don’t work 60 hour weeks, and don’t expect you to either. In this role you will have a great deal of responsibility, earn a competitive salary and benefits,  and contribute to the development of groundbreaking technology.



  • Collaborate with the production team to source and purchase materials (CNC machined parts, 3D printed parts, hardware, wiring harnesses, and custom electronics)

  • Update, maintain, and parse cost data in product life cycle management and product data management software

  • Maintain accurate inventory and labeling

  • Interface with inventory management software to ensure that the bill of materials matches current designs and that all inventory required for the next build is on-site on time

  • Manage supplier relationships, including price negotiation

  • Place orders and follow up with vendors and suppliers to ensure delivery deadlines are met

  • Source alternative items as requested

  • Resolve disputes and claims with vendors and suppliers


  • Perform day-to-day physical logistics operations, which include the use of powerlifting equipment

  • Count physical inventory

  • Decant parts and assemblies for production

  • Inspect inbound parts, materials and equipment, recording quantities of materials to the PLM/PDM system

  • Project stock levels for batch build scenarios

  • Prepare purchase orders and verify specifications/price

  • Process returns for non-conforming materials and products


  • Coordinate shipping and delivery details for numerous customers in several international locations

  • Gather/organize all paperwork required to ship our product to customers

  • Schedule shipments and deliveries

  • Generate commercial invoices for outbound shipments and ensure conformity with shipping and customs requirements

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of international logistics experience involving collaboration with external shipping agents and brokers

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Exposure to rapid manufacturing and startup environments

  • Familiarity with export control requirements for international shipping

  • Experience operating lifting equipment (pallet jack, forklift, straddle stacker)

  • Experience using PDM and PLM systems 

  • Familiarity with Google G-Suite including Drive, Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets

  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills

  • Very strong verbal and written communication skills

Company Perks

  • Competitive salary and equity

  • Employer-sponsored health, dental and vision insurance, FSA with employer matching, and 401(k)

  • Paid holidays and unlimited PTO

  • Free catered lunch and plenty of snacks

Export Control Requirements

This position requires access to technology, software and other information that is subject to governmental access control restrictions, due to export controls.  Employment in this position is conditioned on the continued availability of government authorization to authorize release of such items, to the extent required, including without limitation an export license, or other documentation required to establish authorization to receive access to such items. 

Company may delay commencement of employment, rescind an offer of employment, terminate employment, and/or may modify job responsibilities, compensation, benefits, and/or access to Company facilities and information systems, as Company deems appropriate, in order to ensure compliance with applicable government access control restrictions.

Pyka’s goal is to provide society with a new form of fast, environmentally friendly, and accessible transportation enabled by autonomous ...

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