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SPAN is developing products to enable rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home. We ...

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Job Description

Why SPAN exists

Founded by Tesla’s former head of energy, SPAN was founded because this is our Decade to Decarbonize

About 40% of greenhouse gas emissions are controlled by things we do in our households, decisions we make as individuals. Most of us feel powerless about confronting climate change, but the things in our basements, garages, and on our roofs directly influence the largest single slice of the problem (source). 

The answer is to electrify everything, which we do by:

  1. Assisting the electric grid: The North American electric grid is the ‘world’s largest machine’. It is old, it is expensive to maintain and it was designed to transport power in one direction. And as we electrify everything, it is not equipped to handle an increase in volume of transport.

  2. Upgrading our gas appliances and gasoline cars to electric. All the electricity in the world will still not power our gas dryers, furnaces, water heaters, stoves and cars. Electric versions of these appliances exist and they are safer, cheaper, cleaner, smaller and quieter.

  3. Making more electricity at home. This increases the amount of clean electricity in circulation and does it without stressing the electric grid. For homeowners, local electricity generation and storage also increases resiliency against grid outages.

What SPAN is doing 

We envision a future where our homes are

  • Self-reliant: They make their own energy and decide when to use that energy. They warn you of outages, prepare themselves, and adapt energy use to endure even the most severe outages.

  • All-electric: Our homes cannot be self-reliant until they are all-electric. SPAN removes constraints that exist with your existing power service, allowing households to upgrade their gasoline cars and gas appliances to their electric superiors.

  • Looking out for us: They tell you if something bad has happened, is happening or will happen to your most-expensive appliances

  • A model citizen of the grid: They assist the grid at times of need, with little inconvenience to you.

None of this is possible without a modern-day electric panel. So we started by completely reinventing this hundred year-old appliance.

If you want to learn more, watch (Our Decade to Decarbonize ) or read (The SPAN Plan (Self-driven presentation) ) about the progress we have made, the products and services we have announced for next year and how our partners are supporting us on our mission.

Why you should consider this role

Every element of our vision (Self-reliant, All-electric, Looking out for us, A model citizen on the grid) relies on management of the power flowing through your home’s wiring. As a member of the Product team you’ll be tasked with

  • Solving systems-level challenges: The electrical panel by nature is at the heart of your home's electrical system, interfacing with the grid, appliances, power sources, and of course home occupants. Through collaboration with Engineering and external partners, you will help guide and improve products related to sensing, controlling, generating, and storing energy.

  • Building delightful products: We believe that the installers and field techs are our first customers—developing solutions to their needs will help us scale electrification. We believe homeowners are our lasting customers—electrical infrastructure lasts decades and we intend to build products that deliver persistent value. You will be the voice of both of these customers.

  • Defining the future of home electricity: Design, installation, and operation of all-electric, self-sufficient homes requires vision and empathy. You will be responsible for tactfully guiding SPAN’s ecosystem of home energy products: via influencing market and consumer preferences, via innovative product architecture, and via participation in new codes and standards.


You’ll be a key member of the cross-functional product management & applications engineering team, with the mission to bring exceptional energy products to market. You'll work at the intersection of SPAN’s engineering design, field support, and business teams to bring new products from concept to reality and to improve existing SPAN offerings. Members of our team are collaborative, hands-on, creative, and most of all passionate about driving the adoption of clean energy technologies at scale. In this role you will,

  • Serve as a key technical point of contact for internal and external parties working with SPAN’s products, with a focus on our hardware products and on-device systems.

  • Drive technical investigations into communication standards (IEEE 2030.5, SAE J3072, SunSpec, Etc.) and networking protocols (Matter, Thread, PLC, Wi-Fi 6, Etc.)

  • Provide technical input and end-user perspective during new product development, supporting with early and iterative prototyping alongside Engineering and Systems Architecture teams.

  • Provide technical leadership and support to internal Operations & Support teams during pilots and launches of new products and integrations.

  • Provide 3rd party partners technical guidance, documentation, and support for integrating with SPAN products. This could include Local APIs, Cloud APIs, SDKs, Etc.

As a cross-functional team member, you may have the opportunity to contribute in adjacent areas such as manufacturing, support, prototyping, validation testing, product certification, Etc.

Some travel, across the U.S., is expected in this role, to develop a thorough understanding of the installer and homeowner experience, to attend industry conferences to proactively keep up with tech trends, etc.

Experience we are looking for

  • 5+ years experience with hardware product deployment, support, and/or development

  • A degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Systems engineering or similar technical degree

  • Basic familiarity with home electrical systems, solar PV, hybrid multi-mode inverters, and/or home battery technology

  • Experience with home IoT, IIoT, and/or networking technologies

  • Experience working with 3rd party partners on joint technology integration

  • Experience parsing and applying new product Codes & Standards

  • Comfortable collaborating across an organization (Product, Engineering R&D, Manufacturing, Operations, Training, Service, Etc.)

  • Experience working directly with electrical/mechanical contractors and/or tradespeople

  • Deep appreciation for human-centered design and user experience (UX)

  • Prior experience managing, developing, and mentoring a small team

Bonus qualifications – We would love to hire someone who has:

  • Prior experience developing home energy products such as solar, home batteries, or EV chargers

  • Familiarity with codes and standards related to distributed energy resource installation (e.g. NEC 690, NEC 705, NEC 710) inverter (e.g. UL 1741, UL 916, UL 9540) and grid interoperability (e.g. IEEE 1547, UL 1741 SA, SB)

  • Hands-on experience with electrical wiring and/or construction

  • Prior experience contributing to product Codes & Standards, and/or participating in working groups

  • Familiarity with EV Charging and/or Vehicle-to-Home/Grid/Load (V2x) technology

  • Experience interfacing with regulatory agencies (AHJs, Utilities) and/or building inspectors as it relates to electrical systems

The U.S. base salary range for this position is $138,000 - $183,000 plus benefits, equity and variable compensation for Sales-related roles. This range represents SPAN’s good faith estimate of competitively-priced salary for the role based on national, real-time industry data from companies of a similar growth stage. This range reflects minimum and maximum new hire salaries for the role across US locations. Within the range, individual pay is determined by location and individual factors including relevant skills, experience and education or training. This range correlates to the relative level of the candidate we believe we need for the role and may require an adjustment for candidates of a different level. 
Your recruiter can share more about the specific salary range for the location this role is based during the hiring process.   

Life at SPAN

SPAN embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. 

Headquartered in San Francisco’s vibrant SoMa neighborhood, we are an eclectic group of creative thinkers who value open communication, teamwork, and a ‘make it happen’ approach to addressing complex challenges. 

We’re hiring talented individuals who are driven by success and are passionate about shaping the future of renewable energy. If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to consider joining the rapidly growing team at SPAN.

The Perks:

⚡ Competitive compensation + equity grants at a well-funded, venture-backed company

⚡ Comprehensive benefits (including medical; dental, vision, life and disability insurance)

⚡ Comfortable, sunny office space located near BART and Caltrain public transit

⚡ Strong focus on team-building and company culture (events, meet-ups, clubs)

⚡ Flexible hours and unlimited PTO

Interested in joining our team? Submit an application today and we’ll be in touch with next steps!

SPAN is developing products to enable rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home. We ...

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