Lead Production Engineer (Founding Partner for Startup)

Los Angeles, CA, USA
27 days ago
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Symmetry is an environmentally-conscious business focused on combating deforestation by creating wood-equivalent products of high quality that designers and other ...

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Job Description

Join a Materials Startup Fighting Forest Destruction!

Founded in 2021, Symmetry Wood™ seeks to create greater harmony between humanity and nature by producing sustainable materials that can be used as alternatives to high-demand wood made, often illegally, from the destruction of forests. We call our material Pyrus™, and it’s made using wastes from the food industry, with the help of natural bacteria that make cellulose. Symmetry Wood™ has already won numerous awards, including the coveted Dyson™ prize, and is currently in a pre-seed start-up stage. To help us slow the destruction of dwindling primary tropical forests, we are seeking founding equity partners who will help usher the company into production and the use of Pyrus™ by our initial target markets.


Role Description

The Lead Production Engineer at Symmetry is responsible for overseeing and managing the production process for the company's early Pyrus™ production. This involves working closely with design and engineering partners to ensure that the material is manufactured efficiently and to the highest quality standards. They are also responsible for implementing and maintaining production processes, particularly the mechanical elements, as well as troubleshooting and solving any issues that may arise in that regard.



  • Location – Applicant is based in either the Chicago or Los Angeles area.
  • Purpose – Our ideal candidate is eager to use their career to help regenerate Earth’s environment and climate.
  • Education – Applicant has a bachelor’s degree or greater in a related field such as engineering, manufacturing, or industrial technology. A master’s degree is preferred but not required.
  • Strong problem-solving skills– Applicant can quickly identify and solve issues that arise during the production process.
  • Leadership and communication skills – Applicant is able to effectively manage and train a team of various personalities and backgrounds.
  • Quick Learning Applicant must be comfortable with both a fast-paced startup culture and able to take prior experience and apply it in a new context.
  • Prior Experience– Our ideal candidate has at least 5 years of prior experience working in a production environment and should also be familiar with various software and technology used in the field, such as computer-aided design (CAD) software and manufacturing execution systems (MES).


Tasks and Responsibilities


  • Develop and implement production processes that are efficient, cost-effective, and meet quality standards held by Symmetry’s customers. segments, especially any machinery that will help the company’s wood formulas reach their full potential.
  • Ensure that production processes are being followed and adhered to by any production team or partner.
  • Manage and train production team members, including setting performance goals and providing feedback.
  • Identify and implement improvements to the production process, including identifying bottlenecks and finding ways to streamline production.
  • Work closely with the design and engineering teams to ensure that products are being manufactured according to specifications.
  • Maintain accurate production records and reporting on production performance.
  • Troubleshoot and solve issues that arise during the production process.
  • Ensure that the production team is following all safety guidelines and regulations.
  • Manage the budget and resources for the production team, including track costs and identify areas for cost savings.
  • Report directly to the founding partners of Symmetry Wood™ during regular meetings and updates.


Overall, the lead production engineer plays a crucial role in ensuring that the company’s products are being produced efficiently and to the highest quality standards.



Are you passionate enough about Symmetry’s mission to join a fast-moving company at the beginning of its journey? This role is, at first, equity-based. Our ideal candidate will become a founding partner of Symmetry Wood™. Future salary will be commensurate with investment achieved as Symmetry grows through upcoming funding rounds.


**Symmetry Wood™ is an equal opportunity employer and accepts applicants from all backgrounds with the necessary character, ability and experience. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, reproductive health decisions, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, genetic information, political views or activity, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

Symmetry is an environmentally-conscious business focused on combating deforestation by creating wood-equivalent products of high quality that designers and other ...

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