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Isometric builds scientifically rigorous measurement and verification technology to confirm carbon removal claims are true. ...

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Job Description

Isometric brings transparency and trust to the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry. We build scientifically rigorous measurement and verification (M&V) technology to confirm that carbon removal claims are true. Our mission is to help scale the market for CDR to the magnitude required to reverse climate change—an existential threat to our civilisation.

We’re thoughtful about the way we’re building our company culture to enable everyone to do the best work of their career. Our team is smart, meticulous and courageous—but kind, nerdy and supportive too.

We’re led by an experienced CEO who co-founded and scaled a tech company to over $100m of revenue in just a few years. Our Head of Science is an expert in the field of biogeochemistry and a thought leader in the world of carbon removal innovation. Our technology team consists of builders from companies like Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, Palantir and Intercom. And we’re backed by some of the world’s most recognised investors.

If you’re looking for a company with a meaningful mission at the very start of the journey, but with a safety net that most other startups lack—Isometric really is a unique proposition.

Outcomes you’ll be responsible for

  • Let companies purchasing carbon removal credits understand and inspect down to a source how, when and if that carbon was truly removed, converted and stored permanently by building a flexible software and hardware platform.

  • Accelerate a team of software engineers and double their output by providing a continuous integration and delivery platform that leverages cutting-edge tools to ship a secure and performant product to users at pace.

  • Build an early engineering team culture that values scientific rigour, pragmatism, learning and teamwork through mentoring your teammates or influencing our ways of working.

Tasks you might do

  • As the first member of the Platform Engineering discipline and building a greenfield product you’ll have a unique opportunity to build a platform that you wanted to have yourself.

  • You’ll lead the design and implementation of our software platform by bringing modern practices and tooling in a way that engages everyone to meet the high standards of excellence you’ve set.

  • We want to build a true Platform Engineering culture: you’ll enable and educate engineers but also collaborate with them to understand their needs and build or integrate tools that deploy our software to production safely and fast.

Aptitudes you’ll display

  • Eagerness to learn new things and ask all the questions. We are science-driven and expect everyone to get stuck into the climate world.

  • Drive to urgently solve big challenges that have no obvious answers today. We’re doing novel things that no one person knows the answer to today.

  • Bringing good energy and humility into how you show up. It’s a tough problem but we can’t give up.

This role might not be for you if

  • You’re looking for a fully remote role at the moment. In the early stages of building our product we’re optimising for being physically together 2-4 days a week.

  • You enjoy structure and only staying within your area of expertise. We’re a small team early on the journey and things change quickly as we learn more.

  • You prefer a slower pace. While the problem we’re facing has a long time horizon, it’s also critical that we make meaningful progress on it today, not next quarter or year.


We'd be really happy to speak to you about the role. Reach out to Ola Sitarska, our Head of Engineering here:

Isometric builds scientifically rigorous measurement and verification technology to confirm carbon removal claims are true. ...

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