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London, UK

Isometric builds scientifically rigorous measurement and verification technology to confirm carbon removal claims are true. ...

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Job Description

Isometric is a carbon removal registry, verification service, and science platform. Our mission is to avert climate disaster by ensuring carbon removal scales responsibly and fast.

We're growing quickly, but we’re deliberate and intentional about hiring people who contribute to our unique culture. Our team is smart, meticulous and courageous—but warm, kind and supportive too.

We’re led by an experienced CEO who previously co-founded Onfido, where he scaled the AI-based verification company from $1 million to $100 million in revenue in six years. Our science team is led by a biogeochemist from ARPA-E, MIT, and Columbia. Our technology team includes builders from companies like Amazon, Meta, Shopify, Palantir, and Intercom. And we’re backed by some of the world’s most recognised investors.

Working here will be unlike any job you've had before. Join us if you're ready to take on a career-defining role.

Communications Lead

Isometric is looking for a Comms Lead who can communicate the nuances of our work to the carbon removal ecosystem and the wider world. 

You’ll be responsible for shaping the company’s story, and for translating complex work by Isometric’s scientists and technologists into plain English. To succeed in this role, you must be a great writer and editor who really relishes clarity and consistency of communication. This is a strategic, senior role.

We aren’t fussy about what your previous experience is; anyone from a journalist to a communications strategist to a researcher could be well suited to this work. We imagine the person in this role has at least five years of professional experience, but don’t hesitate to apply if you’re earlier in your career and think you’d be a good fit. 

Outcomes you’ll be responsible for

  • Distilling Isometric’s work into a narrative that is clear about how the company fits into the wider carbon removal ecosystem 

  • Ensuring the consistency and quality of all external writing that we do

  • Managing the ongoing project of our content calendar—which includes publications, announcements, and events—and ushering those priorities through to execution

  • Guiding the company’s relationship with the media and the public

Tasks you might do

  • Writing and editing public-facing content, from articles posted on our website to press releases

  • Strategising with the leadership team about how to communicate new company developments externally and internally

  • Helping to plan webinars or other events where Isometric is a participant

  • Coordinating between journalists and Isometric’s public relations team

  • Updating Isometric’s social media profiles on occasion

Aptitudes you’ll display

  • A love for writing and editing

  • Experience with and knowledge of climate topics, and especially of carbon markets / carbon removal

  • A passion for climate action is essential

  • An enthusiasm for strategy and willingness to voice your opinion

  • Attention to detail

  • A penchant for project management (we use Google Drive, Asana, and Notion)

This role might not be for you if

  • You’re looking for a fully remote role at the moment. In the early stages of building our product we’re optimising for being physically together 3 days a week.

  • You enjoy structure and only staying within your area of expertise. We’re a small team early on the journey and things change quickly as we learn more.

  • You prefer a slower pace. While the problem we’re facing has a long time horizon, it’s also critical that we make meaningful progress on it today, not next quarter or year.

The role is based in either London or New York City.


London, UK

Isometric builds scientifically rigorous measurement and verification technology to confirm carbon removal claims are true. ...

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