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Tuesdays for Trash is a grassroots environmental movement founded on 5 May 2020 by two friends and youth activists during ...

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Job Description

Do you enjoy social media, proofreading, marketing, designing graphics, research, engaging with others, tracking results, running statistical analysis or helping create a healthier home for everyone on this planet? You may find your perfect match as a Social Media Manager for Tuesdays for Trash! Opportunity for an individual to oversee the Tuesday's for Trash movement's marketing strategy and content with the public through creating graphics for social media platforms, conducting industry research and managing network relationships while building movement awareness and strategies for increased participation. Duties include:

  1. Manage social media platforms and connect with target audience
    1. Respond daily to general tagged comments, photos, stories
    2. Repost and engage with all chapter posts and stories
    3. Run analytics on posts 
    4. Track bags of trash collected via participant photos and tags weekly
  2. Create and design digital materials for T4T social media weekly
    1. Instagram, twitter, tiktok, facebook, website
  3. Create monthly strategy proposals including campaigns, collaborations, and/or events for the movement to pursue as well as simple steps participants can take to get involved or help support T4T on a local and global level 
  4. Conduct bi-weekly industry research on mistakes and wins of similar organizations
  5. Adhere to movement guidelines and complete projects according to deadlines
  6. Retouch and manipulate images upon request
  7. Explore and design innovative social media graphics
  8. Support needs for event and website graphics

The Social Media Manager is responsible for building the organization’s optimal long-term value by consistently engaging and motivating participants while maintaining ongoing relationships with leaders and partners. In addition to developing strategies and programs that increase participant/involvement for Tuesdays for Trash, the Social Media Manager focuses on communicating to individual followers via a direct response on digital channels (e.x. direct mail, email, phone, socials, etc.) to engage participants and keep them fighting towards a cleaner and healthier home for all.


  1. A strong commitment to the environmental movement, and a desire to engage as many people as possible in the work of protecting our climate & communities
  2. Familiarity with social platforms
  3. Instagram, tiktok, twitter, pinterest, facebook,
  4. Good written and oral communication skills
  5. Willingness to work on a flexible schedule
  6. Proactive and professional
  7. Ability to work with indirect supervision in a busy environment
  8. Good “people skills”
  9. Organized, accountable and detail-oriented
  10. Dedication of at least 10 hours per week

Benefits: Letter of recommendation and opportunity for a stipend upon successful completion of internship. Valuable experience and insight regarding what it takes to manage an international movement. Key network connections and resource opportunities in the Israeli environmental industry as well as abroad. Fulfillment and joy knowing you’ve helped create a cleaner and healthier home for communities around the world

Tuesdays for Trash is a grassroots environmental movement founded on 5 May 2020 by two friends and youth activists during ...

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