Netsuite Manufacturing/Systems Integration Consultant

Denver, Colorado, United States
13 days ago
Full time role


Project Canary is a mission-driven B-Corp that helps reduce emissions in the energy, waste, and agriculture industries through independent assessment ...

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Job Description

Project Canary is a SaaS-based data analytics company focused on environmental performance or the E in ESG for energy and additional business sectors. We are the leaders in assessing and scoring responsible operations and provide independent, measured emission profiles, including methane, via high fidelity continuous monitoring technology that helps companies take ESG action. Formed as a Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp rating score 107), Project Canary’s Denver and Hayward-based team of technologists, engineers, and seasoned industry operators have earned recognition for their uncompromising standards and high-fidelity data.

Project Canary’s mission is to fight climate change and put actionable insights starting with the energy sector. We ingest data from various sources, including our own proprietary environmental sensors/hardware, to calculate carbon emissions from different facilities in real-time via SaaS. The resulting independent data can inform the procurement of offsets in real-time using microtransactions, formulate a data-driven ESG strategy that investors now demand, improve operations by identifying problem areas in minutes, and bolster customer engagement through radical supply chain transparency.

Founded in 2019, Project Canary, PBC has quickly gained recognition as a major mover in the continuous monitoring space. Here are some highlights from last year:

  • Fundraise totaling $121M, Series A of $10M in 2021 and Series B of $111M in 2022
  • Certified as a B-Corporation with a score of 107.6
  • Recognized as Best for the World (top 5% of all B-Corps) in 2 out of 5 categories
    • Governance (transparency and ethics)
    • Workers (treatment of teammates and culture)
  • Additional recognition and awards for our culture (more to come soon!)
  • eNPS score of 72 (most recent measurement in Q4 of 2021)
  • Headcount growth by 6X and growing
  • Revenue growth of 6X and growing

Project Canary’s success is attributed to the motivation, skill, and teamwork of everyone. The team understands the importance of maintaining a culture where relationships are valued, feedback is crucial, and trust in each other and our products/services is paramount. If you enjoy a growth-stage environment, mission-driven work, we want to hear from you.

We are currently in the process of doing a Netsuite configuration and implementation, and are seeking a consultant with expertise in Advanced Manufacturing and WIP & Routing (referred to here generally as ‘manufacturing’). Experience with Advanced Procurement, Advanced Financials, and Fixed Asset Management a strong plus.

In the immediate term, the focus of this role will be working to build and test the Manufacturing piece of the system, which is specifically applicable to a Project Canary subsidiary.

Longer term, Project Canary is looking to hire a full-time systems integrator/business operations engineer to own ongoing operations for current SaaS platforms (primarily Netsuite & Salesforce), build out of additional value-added functionalities of those systems, maintain integrations between them, and facilitate end-user training.

While we are hopeful someone can fulfill both pieces of this (short term Netsuite Manufacturing expertise + longer term overall systems integration) and for the short-term work to transition to the full-time role, we are prioritizing the Manufacturing piece and are looking to hire that role ASAP.

An ideal candidate will have:

  • Several years of Netsuite-specific implementation experience (Adv. Manu. & WIP&Routing required)
  • Experience as a business process consultant with a specific focus on technology enablement
  • Experience working across teams within an organization to solicit needs and requirements, and successfully implement technology to support those needs
  • Experience with Salesforce, and cross-platform integration (we have an in-house Salesforce Administrator)
  • Experience within a small- to medium-sized company that is largely establishing business processes and controls for the first time


  • BA/BS in related field


$70 - $90/hr DOE

Project Canary is a mission-driven B-Corp that helps reduce emissions in the energy, waste, and agriculture industries through independent assessment ...

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