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Contract position


ESMC is a non-profit that works to compensate farmers and ranchers who improve the environment through their agricultural practices. Our ...

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Job Description

Position Location: Remote 

Position Term: Annual Contract Basis 


Required for Consideration: Interested applicants should send a tailored cover letter describing their interest and qualifications for the role, and annual compensation requirements, together with a resume and possible start date to We will only consider applicants who provide all requested information. 


Position Posting Close Date: Position posting will remain open until filled. Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis. 



  • Assist ESMRC Chief Scientist in planning and execution of RDD&D projects that meet ESMRC goals and objectives as established by grant awards, ESMC market development priorities, and technical working group input and guidance 
  • Draft ESMRC Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Statements of Work (SOW) for RDD&D projects, coordinate solicitation of responses, and lead review of submitted proposals 
  • Develop RDD&D SOWs for research and technical contractors and provide project oversight, including contract management, tracking of milestones, review and approval of invoices and deliverables, and integration of results into ESMC programming 
  • Facilitate and lead ESMRC Working Group activities 
  • Organize, lead and maintain operations of technical working groups in ESMRC R&D and innovation program  
  • Lead regular Working Group calls and meetings 
  • Facilitate/mediate project concept development and coordinate technical discussions on Working Group calls and meetings, including input from ESMRC Science Advisors, in accordance with ESMRC grant objectives and other ESMC/ESMRC program priorities 
  • Establish and maintain relationships with Working Group participants to maximize contributions of expertise and synergies with member projects  
  • Provide Working Group updates during Member calls and meetings 
  • Provide organizational and administrative support to ESMRC Working Group activities 
  • Maintain Working Group rosters, email lists, Basecamp groups, and calendar invites 
  • Ensure timely follow-up on outcomes of Working Group meetings 
  • Organize and document guidance on research design, data collection, implementation, and reporting of outcomes to achieve consistency across Working Groups and meet reporting and publication requirements 
  • Track completion and reporting of Working Group project milestones and deliverables to ensure goals and objectives of grant requirements are met 
  • Assist in grant reporting process for research grants, including compilation of ESMRC research and technical project documentation and synthesis of project outcomes, learnings, application to grant objectives, and future research opportunities 
  • Support ESMRC Chief Scientist in documentation, synthesis, and reporting of ESMRC research project results for distribution to ESMC Protocol Team, technical partners, Project Managers, and ESMC/ESMRC members 
  • Provide support to research components of ESMRC pilot projects through collaboration with other ESMC Project Managers 
  • Assume additional relevant roles and responsibilities as necessary to achieve the success of ESMC and ESMRC 



  • Undergraduate degree in agronomy, soil science, environmental science or area relevant to agricultural sector operations, ecosystem services, and natural resources management; Master’s degree preferred.  
  • 3 years work experience related to agronomy, soil science and/or environmental science. Particular experience relevant to environmental, ecological and/or carbon markets is highly desired. 
  • Very strong project and time management skills, including demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks to meet deliverables and established timelines. 
  • Demonstrated high productivity, efficiency, and self-starter skills and attitude; prior experience in a start-up or entrepreneurial organization or role 
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently and in cross functional team settings 
  • Demonstrated excellent written and communication skills 
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software 
  • Ability and desire to work in an FTE contractor role 



  • The contractor role will report to the ESMRC Chief Scientist  


ESMC/ESMRC Background Information   

The Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) is a member-driven consortium working with partners and collaborators across the agricultural supply chain and value chain to build a technologically advanced ecosystem services market to reward and incentivize farmers for beneficial impacts of sustainable agricultural systems. The research arm of the consortium – known as the Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium, or “ESMRC” – is investing in critical R&D for a cost-effective and scalable approach to farmer and rancher engagement in ecosystem service markets, an approach needed to scale the beneficial impacts of sustainable practice adoption on working agricultural lands. The ESMC, aided by the ESMRC, will meet corporate and societal needs by quantifying, monitoring, and verifying the environmental benefits achieved on an annual and ongoing basis. Four ESMRC Working Groups have been established and tasked with developing and implementing specific research and development initiatives. The Working Groups, co-led by ESMC members and informed by Science Advisors chosen from a slate of national experts, will focus on the research, development, demonstration and deployment of cost-effective, scalable technologies and investments to launch the fully functioning market.  


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ESMC is a non-profit that works to compensate farmers and ranchers who improve the environment through their agricultural practices. Our ...

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