Senior Electrical Engineer

Seattle, WA, USA
15 days ago
Full time role


Our mission is to create revolutionary products for the future of electric vehicles and infrastructure that will reduce reliance on ...

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Job Description

AMPD.CAMP is a team of trailblazers inspired by adventures in the outdoors and on the road. Informed by our engineering knowledge and experience, we’re developing sustainable solutions for the future of EVs and recreational vehicles. We’re looking for a passionate, hands-on Senior Electrical Engineer to help develop AMPD.CAMP’s Vehicle-to-Grid(V2G)/Vehicle-to-Anything(V2X) shore and vehicle-side hardware. AMPD.CAMP’s technology connects stored/idle vehicles to the electrical grid – providing crucial grid-tied energy storage and laying the groundwork for a renewable future.  This role requires someone with a knowledge of AC/grid systems and DC/EV systems to help our prototypes to MVP and beyond.  This role will evolve as our company does, but we expect to get started in the Seattle area, working out of our lab space at the University of Washington.

The Skills and Expertise You Bring:

  • 5-7 years designing prototype and production hardware, including EV charging equipment, inverters, battery management systems, and related hardware.
  • 3-5 years developing verification and validation testing for prototype and production hardware.
  • Broad skill set in ECAD/MCAD systems such as Fusion360 developing integrated hardware and electronic devices
  • Experience identifying and developing vendors and partners toward hardware production.
  • Ability to develop standard processes and procedures for documenting hardware designs and test procedures.
  • A passion for developing and growing teams and talent.
  • Excellent communication skills across a variety of personalities and technical backgrounds.
  • Appropriate academic background, preferably MSC in Electrical Engineering or similar

Great to Have:

  • Experience as an RVer
  • Knowledge of RV house and electrical systems
  • Knowledge of EV charging standards (shore and vehicle-side)
  • Experience with utilities, energy markets, trading

A day-in-the-life

 AMPD.CAMP was inspired by the lure of life on the road.  Our mission is to revolutionize the way we think about intermittently used vehicles like RVs.  By connecting the batteries in idle RVs to the electric grid, AMPD.CAMP provides electrical storage that is crucial for renewable energy.  With onboard solar generation RVs can also serve as grid-connected renewable generation.  Our patent-pending Machine Learning algorithms control charging, reserve-hold, and electrical dispatch to the grid.  Our novel hardware solutions will address the 11M RV currently in the US, and will set the standard for new “E-RVs” set to begin entering the market.

Our team is partially virtual, although we have a physical office at the University of Washington’s Clean Energy Testbeds in Seattle, WA, where we’re working hardware development. We would also be open to onsite work in the greater Chicago area.

Our mission is to create revolutionary products for the future of electric vehicles and infrastructure that will reduce reliance on ...

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