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Active Impact Investments

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Job Description

Keela is seeking a skilled and captivating Director of Sales to join our team. Our ideal candidate will possess a demonstrated track record of successfully leading sales and customer care teams to achieve revenue growth and possess a deep understanding of SAAS sales, industry trends, and pipeline management and optimization. You will analyze our sales processes, identify areas for improvement, and provide guidance to our sales team as they incorporate new strategies to increase discos, demos, and conversion rates. This position is perfect for a motivated individual with a passion for achieving business objectives, leading a team of accomplished salespeople toward ambitious targets, and driving customer success. As a provider of innovative software solutions for the nonprofit sector, Keela offers a fulfilling opportunity to make a positive impact while serving a deserving community.

About Keela

Keela is on a mission to empower every social impact organization around the world with technology. We believe that access to powerful tools will change how nonprofits fundamentally work. We build and support software that we designed specifically for the needs of nonprofit organizations. Our team is passionate about diversity and inclusion — something that we believe is a source of deep strength in our growing company. We are a team of builders and leaders truly dedicated to building a globally impactful, sustainable and ethical business.

We are a close knit team of around 70 in Canada, the US, the UK, and Nepal. Our company is based in Vancouver, but operates almost entirely remotely. We are passionately driven to hit targets, help customers, and reach our next milestone. We are driven by the understanding that every nonprofit that adopts Keela can do more good in this world, help more people and drive more positive impact, that is what motivates us every day.

About the Role

Communicating and meeting sales goals matters to you. You will have a comprehensive understanding of all our product offerings, and as such will be responsible for coordinating and selling products. You are an expert in managing pipelines, coaching and leading a team and optimizing conversion rates by implementing best practices. You strive to achieve company goals by analyzing sales performance data and refining the sales process. You will consider everything from email sequence strategy to follow call frequency, from dissecting our demo to understanding our sector’s pain points you will drive our business forwards.

This is ideally a role for someone who wants to both be in the trenches closing deals (to ensure you understand the customer and what it’s like), but can also see the 10,000 foot view and work directly alongside the leadership team. With our brilliant team at your disposal, you will ensure that everything is in place to attract, engage, and convert customers. You should understand the market we serve intimately and know how to maneuver alongside and around the incumbents as needed.

You should be ambitious and creative, as much as you are action-oriented and customer-focused.This is a great opportunity for someone interested in proving what they can accomplish when given the right opportunity and support.

You will be joining an ambitious, passionate, & high-performing team with lofty goals.



  • Create and execute a strategic sales plan that expands our customer base and extends reach across our jurisdiction.
  • Critically examine performance metrics like conversion rates through questioning and analyzing pipeline and team performance.
  • Prepare forecasts and review KPI reporting for use in organizational planning, financial forecasting, budget setting and strategic planning.
  • Analyze, and understand key leading and lagging metrics and business trends as they relate to prospects/customers/target market.
  • Determine sales promotions for each quarter/ month based on sector trends and sales targets.
  • Delegate the execution of sales promotion activities to sales and marketing staff in coordination with the VP of Growth.
  • Provide full visibility into the sales pipeline at every stage of development.
  • Work to ensure all revenue efforts stay tightly aligned as the business scales efficiently.



  • Refine, optimize and manage the sales process for our new product through three main channels: Direct, Co-sale and Consultant.
  • Manage a pipeline of Keela prospects, and meet and exceed baseline monthly performance targets for number of calls, and product demos.
  • Generate new sales, collaborate on sales with all revenue based teams and plan for ongoing, efficient, scalable growth.
  • Use your own sales to model and test best practices as you implement these approaches across your team.
  • Oversee the optimization and management of the sales process for our new product across three main channels: Direct, Co-sale, and Consultant.
  • Manage a pipeline of Keela prospects, striving to exceed baseline monthly performance targets for both calls and product demos.
  • Foster collaboration on sales across all revenue-based teams and generate new sales to drive ongoing, efficient, and scalable growth.
  • Model and test best practices in sales while implementing these approaches across your team, leveraging your own sales experience to drive performance.


Team Management

  • Hire and onboard new sales team members as we grow; identify A-players through a winning sales playbook.
  • Manage and hold the Customer Success team accountable for driving up-sells through mentorship and strategy.
  • Identify knowledge gaps within the team and develop a plan to fill them.
  • Be strong in training and development, with a proven track record of holding employees accountable through effective leadership.
  • Oversee the sales team to ensure company quotas and standards are met by holding check-ins with the team to set objectives for the week and monitor progress regularly.
  • Run weekly and monthly team meetings to align the team around best practices, targets and progress.


Interdepartmental Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively with the VP of Growth & Marketing, RevOps, and Product as needed.
  • Offer advice to increase the value we offer our customers and better position our products against competitors.
  • Collaborate to establish the inbound lead requirements for Marketing needed to meet your sales objectives.
  • Collaborate closely with the VP of Growth & Marketing to ensure that sales and marketing efforts are closely aligned and optimized to meet business objectives.
  • Work collaboratively with Rev Ops as needed to understand sales forecasting and predictions, optimize sales performance, and ensure alignment with overall business strategy.
  • Offer strategic guidance to increase the value we offer our customers, and to better position our products against competitors in the market.
  • Establish inbound lead requirements for Marketing needed to meet your sales objectives, and work with the Marketing team to ensure that lead quality is high and that leads are being effectively converted into sales.


Required Skills & Qualifications

  • 8-10+ years minimum work experience, ideally in but not limited to the software/SaaS industry.
  • SaaS Sales experience a must.
  • Experience with Inbound and outbound sales pipeline management.
  • Technical/software demo experience.
  • Results-oriented, self-motivated individual with a proven track record of meeting or exceeding sales targets (individual and group).
  • Previous experience directly managing a team of sales professionals.
  • Proven ability to articulate the value proposition of technical products and services.
  • Capable of understanding a prospect’s pain points, requirements and correlating this with value that can be provided by Keela.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Hubspot skills are an asset.
  • Nonprofit industry knowledge is ideal.



Compensation for this role is OTE $200k CAD, depending on experience, success, and successfully hitting company targets (base ~ $150k CAD), plus benefits + equity.

This is a full-time, remote position.

Keela is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Please note, we are accepting applications from Canada and the United States; however, the legal structure of the relationship (eg. employee vs consultant/contractor) may be different, depending on the residency and jurisdiction of the applicants.

Active Impact Investments

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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