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Foresight Management exists to champion energy management, accelerate sustainability, and increase profitability for our customers. We pursue our purpose through our ...

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Job Description


Foresight Management exists to champion energy management, accelerate sustainability, and increase profitability for our customers.


We pursue our purpose through our three-part mission:


  • Individual Vitality – The individual well-being of our team members directly impacts our ability to achieve greatness. Each member of our team will be treated with respect, dignity, and will be empowered to make an impact on our company. Our team members will be given opportunities for self-improvement, learning, and will become increasingly self-aware and aware of others. Our teammates will have real autonomy over various aspects of their work and be given the freedom to create and innovate in their own ways. Our environment will enable team members to pursue greatness in their individual roles as we collectively pursue excellence, celebrate success, and foster healthy accountability.


  • Long-Term Partnerships – The quality of the relationship we build with our clients is vital to our success. We pursue long-term partnerships with companies and individuals by listening, asking great questions, and exercising empathy. Upon understanding our client’s goals and problems, we work to earn their trust by setting realistic expectations and exceeding those expectations in every manner possible. Simply getting the job done is not acceptable. To truly build long-term partnerships, we must “wow” our customers.


  • Growth Mindset – Our process begins with asking great questions and challenging the status quo. From there, we innovate and create improved ways of working, and finally, we commit to executing our improved plan with excellence and perfection in mind. We then begin the discovery process all over again in an effort to continuously disrupt our own methods and thinking. Although perfection cannot be fully attained, we choose to chase it relentlessly in every aspect of our work.


  • Enthusiasm - “lively interest, intense emotionalism, a break with status quo”

We believe insights, capacity, guidance, and expertise are qualities our team brings to our clients. Those valuable attributes are often not enough to inspire action. Genuine enthusiasm is contagious and the special ingredient we bring to our clients creates momentum and inspiring action. 

  • Curiosity - “the desire to learn and be inquisitive”

We believe the foundation of all innovation is, in its most basic form, a spirit of curiosity and the continual adoption of a “beginner’s mindset”. Our willingness and capacity to be inquisitive empower us to build trust with teammates and clients. Curiosity enables a sense of wonder and humility, ultimately exposing opportunities to serve others in more impactful ways.

  • Vulnerability - “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure”

We believe great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Regardless of title, position, industry experience, expertise, or seniority at the company. We value candor, feedback, questioning, and tough love from all teammates.  Our pursuit is an environment where each individual feels safe enough to be vulnerable and valued enough to be heard. We commit to the pursuit of “Getting it right”, not “Being Right”.

  • Competitive Greatness - “to strive to outdo, to engage”

In order to fulfill our purpose and mission, we believe we must compete individually and as a team.   John Wooden in his pyramid of success lists “Competitive Greatness” at the top of the pyramid and says, “Competitive Greatness is having a real love for the hard battle knowing it offers the opportunity to be at your best when your best is required.” We strive to embrace a challenge and compete against “good enough”.



  • Interdisciplinary

We take an interdisciplinary approach to energy and sustainability management. We integrate design, engineering, contracting, project management, consulting, data analytics, business analytics, and marketing, and have developed our own software for data management.  Our unique blend of expertise allows us to partner with organizations in a variety of ways in order to help them achieve their goals and meet their needs.

  • Holistic

We have expertise in both the supply side and demand side of energy management, energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost mitigation opportunities. We understand how interconnected all these disciplines are and help our clients develop optimal solutions that take all factors into account.

  • Unbiased Expertise

We are our client’s “trusted advisor” and take an agnostic approach to items such as technology, manufacturers, suppliers, and installers.  Our priorities are the priorities of our customers.  We develop options that fit within their constraints so they can make the best actionable decisions possible.

  • ROI Driven

Profit is positive. When sustainability and energy initiatives are done well, they are profitable endeavors in both the short and long-term.  We work to help our clients understand the direct and indirect financial benefits of adopting sustainable business practices.

  • Transparent

Transparency is transformational. As we help our clients pursue sustainability through adopting transparent business practices, we work to fully embrace transparency ourselves. Making complex language easy to read, complex data simple to understand, and complex issues approachable and digestible is paramount to our client’s success.  We choose to adopt an abundance mindset, which means showing our clients exactly how and why we do our work as well as how we charge for it.


Foresight Management is a leading tech-enabled consulting firm dedicated to the identification, design, and implementation of Sustainability and Energy Management initiatives for a growing international clientele. We provide energy and sustainability research, ESG data solutions, cost optimization, project design, and project management services that advance a company’s integration of sustainable development principles into its business model.

Open Position

Foresight Management is seeking a full-time Senior Developer to join our team! Our existing platform helps clients and internal users manage energy and other greenhouse gas emission data, but we have a vision that it can do more to support other aspects of our sustainability and ESG work. Current development work is executed by an outsourced development team. This position will be the first member of our growing internal development team.

The Developer will work closely with the Director of Innovation, the Director of Operations, and Director of Technology to define a vision for how software can support our work and company mission. The developer will deliver excellent technology solutions for our customers and internal team. This position offers individuals the opportunity to significantly contribute to continued building of our existing sustainability and energy management platform by using their full suite of creative development skills.

Candidates will be expected to contribute to major technology decisions within a collaborative environment where features and development priorities are determined by an internal team comprised of technology, industry knowledge, and customer support personnel. Our ideal candidate has at least 5 years of previous relevant experience, is a team player, and has the desire to learn and grown in an exciting, young company.

Foresight Management is committed to helping clients achieve their sustainability-related goals through a combination of expert consulting, software, and data-informed decision-making. This position offers a candidate with an opportunity to make significant contributions that enable clients to manage their energy use better and accelerate their sustainability goals.

Job Title

Senior Developer




We are headquartered in Grand Rapids MI and provide a flexible hybrid work environment oriented around results and teamwork. Candidates may be based and work remotely.

Required Qualifications:

  • Proficiency with front-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Proficiency with developing server-side business logic using C#, and SQL Server, or similar
  • Experience developing and integrating software systems using Restful API’s and JSON

Preferred but not required:

  • Familiarity with the Microsoft Azure cloud environment
  • Experience Integrating with Microsoft 365 Cloud tools such as SharePoint, or similar cloud document storage services.


  • Design and implement overall application architecture to align with business requirements
  • Maintain the integrity of the code and organization of documentation
  • Develop high-quality code using industry-standard QA procedures
  • Create appropriate DevOps procedures for deployment and code versioning
  • Implement security and data protections
  • Participate in the review and selection of appropriate software tools
  • Identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality
  • Provide sound guidance to project teams based on technical best practices
  • Proficiency with back-end and server-side languages, APIs (Azure, C#)
  • Convert graphic designs into visual elements and utilize open-source front-end framework libraries

Foresight Management exists to champion energy management, accelerate sustainability, and increase profitability for our customers. We pursue our purpose through our ...

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