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Utility Data Made Easy UtilityAPI is a utility data service for the new energy economy. Hundreds of energy vendors use us every ...

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Job Description

You will be helping us fight climate change. We are growing rapidly in both our utility coverage and integrations with large energy companies, and these engagements often require technical discussion with client technical teams. You will be working alongside our sales, business development, and policy teams in discussions with utilities, large enterprise clients, and regulators to figure out the best technical solutions, specifications, and scopes of work for potential projects and initiatives.

This role has both external and internal facing components:

Externally, you will be meeting with client technical/IT teams to discuss our solutions' capabilities, figure out how best we could integrate and work with their systems and processes, and finalize specifications and scopes of work for a proposed project. You will also be eventually participating in technical working groups and regulatory proceedings as a subject matter expert in customer data access.

Internally, you will be regularly meeting with our product and engineering teams to keep up to speed on what the product capabilities are and what is on the roadmap. You will also be helping internally educate our sales, policy, marketing, business development, and communications teams on product capabilities and demos so they are well prepared to talk about UtilityAPI when out in the world.

NOTE: While you will be frequently working alongside sales, this position is not on the sales team. You will report to the Chief Technology Officer, and over time you will become a subject matter expert of everything UtilityAPI and data access.

The main challenge for this role will be quickly learning and navigating the internal complexities of our clients while working with them to figure out the best solutions that our products can offer. It will require a combination of creativity and problem solving, interpersonal skills, a deep understanding of our product, and general knowledge of the wider energy and enterprise tech ecosystems.

You'll succeed in this position if you like working with others and solving puzzles.

We are a US-based remote team, so you can work from anywhere inside the United States. We work normal hours and take plenty of time off. Some travel will be required for client in-person meetings and conferences (typically 5-15 days per quarter).


* Base salary, depending on experience: $130k - $160k
* Stock options
* Medical, dental, vision insurance
* 401k + matching

* Live in the United States, be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or have a non-expiring visa that doesn't require sponsorship
* Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
* Strong writing and interpersonal skills
* Tendency to be curious and not afraid to ask questions
* Experience with enterprise data systems, architectures, and how components interact with each other
* Experience responding to technical questions about a product's capabilities
* Experience creating technical specifications, presentations, and diagrams
* Experience leading technical discussions with external and internal groups
* Experience leading training or educational presentations on technical topics
* Knowledge of major authentication and authorization protocols (OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, etc.)
* Knowledge of cybersecurity best practices and common attacks
* Knowledge of common web APIs and best practices for web API design

* Knowledge of the utility sector
* Knowledge of the cleantech sector

==How To Apply==
* Fill out this Google Form, and we'll let you know!

Estimated time to complete: 10-30 minutes.

1. It is OKAY if you don't have much experience with a couple of these questions! Just say "No experience."
2. It is OKAY if your answers are short (1-4 sentences) or just lists! Don't spend more than 30 minutes on this!
3. If an answer is already in your resume, just point us to the relevant sections in your answer. No need to duplicate!

Utility Data Made Easy UtilityAPI is a utility data service for the new energy economy. Hundreds of energy vendors use us every ...

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