Optimisation Algorithms Engineer

Athens, Hybrid, Attikí, Greece
3 days ago
Full time role


DeepSea Technologies is a shipping software company specialising in optimising vessel performance for ship owners and operators of commercial vessels ...

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Job Description

About Us:

DeepSea was founded to bring the latest AI technology to make the world of shipping leaner, greener, and better connected. Our cloud platforms harness deep learning models trained on real-time data to enable our customers to optimise the routes, speeds, operation, and maintenance of their vessels, saving fuel, money, time and reducing environmental impact. DeepSea talent is spread across Greece, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Romania, Thailand and Japan and we are growing quickly.

We are a scale-up company - meaning you will be bringing us to the next level and deliver a tangible contribution to a more sustainable shipping world. There is no complex hierarchy nor long approval processes. We just deliver. You will be joining a company with highly skilled and smart people who love solving complex problems.

About the position:

We are looking for passionate, research focused Optimisation Algorithms Engineer, with practical and/or theoretical knowledge to create cost effective scalable systems and develop innovative algorithm solutions.

As an optimization algorithms engineer, you will primarily concentrate on resolving routing problems by creating cost-effective and scalable solutions. As a member of the company's AI department, you will collaborate with machine learning engineers to process large datasets, apply statistical models, and utilize optimization techniques to come to the optimal solution. Your responsibilities may also encompass testing, debugging, and enhancing the practicality and interpretability of the developed solutions in real-world scenarios.

Our products are used by shipping company engineers and captains to optimise the technical operations and navigation of their vessels to minimise CO2 emissions and fuel cost based on our in-house developed AI and optimisation algorithms. You will need to gain a deep understanding of the domain and our research output to design improvements that cover our customers’ needs.

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary package
  • Private health insurance coverage
  • Trainings and development budget
  • Work from anywhere
  • Great office space in the heart of Athens

This includes:

- BS degree in Computer Science/Engineering or Mathematics

- Deep understanding of Combinatorial Optimization with emphasis on graph methods and shortest path problems.

- Experience in one or more of the following: Rust, Python, Haskel or other functional programming language

Good to have:

- Experience with optimization libraries such as: IBM ILOG CPLEX, GUROBI, Google OR-Tools

- Experience with production code

- Experience with vehicle routing and vehicle rescheduling problems

- MSc or PhD in algorithmic research

- Experience with Ill-posed problems

At DeepSea, we are looking for people who share our values and are aligned with our mission. It is important to us to ensure that no-one who is eager and capable of contributing constructively to our team is excluded because of ethnic or social origin, gender or sexuality, age or family status, disability or medical conditions etc. Diversity is well-proven to be a vital characteristic of teams that succeed, so we do everything we can to make our environment welcoming and safe for everyone.

DeepSea Technologies is a shipping software company specialising in optimising vessel performance for ship owners and operators of commercial vessels ...

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