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Sensorfact offers smart energy savings in the manufacturing industry. The company is a smart advisor for the industry who translates ...

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Job Description

Your mission
Software runs the universe and our developers write our company’s future. That’s why we are looking for a DevOps Engineer to strengthen our team. Our company is growing fast and so are the demands on our platform, and the complexity of our infra. Your challenge is to support our development team in developing, testing, deploying and monitoring new features, and making our infra ready for the next growth phase. With your work we can keep on delivering live insights into energy waste to our 1200+ customers in 70+ countries, without compromising on performance, reliability or scalability. We value ownership: as a DevOps engineer you will be in charge of significant parts of our infrastructure. Our development team is small and tight-knit, so your work will have a massive impact on the company: tools you provide will be used daily. Your profile
What you will be doing
  • You’ll support our development team with solid tools, automations and processes for CI/CD, testing and deployment.
  • You’ll manage our AWS infrastructure and monitor its performance, making sure it’s ready to scale as needed, it’s properly secured and costs are predictable.
  • We are upgrading significant parts of our infra to be ready for the next level. You’ll be working with state of the art tools (e.g. kubernetes, infra-as-code, managed services) on a modern cloud architecture.
  • You’ll interact with developers, data engineers and scientists and product managers to make sure your solutions are solving actual problems.
  • You’ll join a small DevOps team, complementing other two DevOps engineers and picking up projects independently.
  • You work together with the other developers by sharing knowledge, discussing tech solutions, improving our own tools and processes and reviewing code.

The key technologies you will be working with
As we are scaling up our platform with a small team, we leverage new technologies to keep performance and productivity.
  • Our core platform is based on a microservices architecture using Node.js as the runtime environment platform. These microservices are deployed in Kubernetes - EKS (AWS is our cloud infrastructure provider). 
  • We have several databases, mostly managed (RDS Postgres, Altinity Clickhouse). 
  • We use Terraform/Terragrunt for Infrastructure as Code.
  •  Some external managed services, such as Aiven Kafka and Altinity Clickhouse. 
  • Observability stack via Grafana/Prometheus/Loki/Tempo.
  • Gitlab CI and ArgoCD for CI/CD.
There is no need to be an expert in every technology mentioned here, but transparency is another of our values, so we want you to know what you are applying.

How we do it
We do sort-of-scrum with 2-week sprints, sprint planning, retrospectives and daily stand-ups. We keep track of things using Miro, Linear, Google Drive and Outline, and we stay in touch with each other over Slack. The course is determined by goals, set collaboratively by business, data science, development and product teams. Developers are involved in the entire process: from ideation and refinement to concrete project plans. We have a professional culture of testing and code reviews. We work from home about 90% of the time (and sometimes abroad!), but we enjoy meeting each other in the office in Utrecht/Amsterdam every now and then.

Your Profile
We are looking for you because you...
  • Have 3+ years of experience setting up, maintaining, and monitoring production infrastructure;
  • Are proactive and pragmatic in prioritising and solving the needs of our development team;
  • Are familiar with the main cloud provider products, preferably in AWS;
  • Are familiar with professional software engineering practices (version control, merge requests, testing, code standards, CI/CD, dev/staging/prod environments);
  • Like to empower people and enable teams to do their work;
  • Are passionate about one of the following (the more the better!): developer tooling, serverless and event-driven architectures, cloud-everything, building future-proof solutions, saving our climate, scale-up life;
  • Are fluent in English;
Why us?

In turn, we offer a full time position (32-40hrs), competitive salary, pension plan, flexibility to work from home or abroad, home office allowance. Lunch on Fridays and special team activities every three months!

We work in a forward-thinking start-up culture with an energetic and engaged team. We’ll provide you with an NS-business card or cover your travel expenses to get there. We are an English-first company, with a range of nationalities in the team. We don't support fully-remote positions unfortunately, since real-life interaction every once in a while is vital to us.

We know how incredibly important it is to have the right tools, so of course we'll provide you with whatever you need to get your job done: monitor, laptop, coffee, office snacks – you’ve got it.


Sensorfact offers smart energy savings in the manufacturing industry. The company is a smart advisor for the industry who translates ...

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