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Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Boston, MA, USA

Crowdsourcing Sustainability is a start-up 501(c)(3) non-profit working to help rebuild a safer, healthier, and more just world. Purpose: To help ...

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Job Description

About Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Crowdsourcing Sustainability is a startup 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We’re on a mission to help reverse global heating as quickly and equitably as possible by inspiring and empowering people around the world to make the places they live and work climate positive.

We’re doing this through our three main programs, the Crowdsourcing Sustainability:

  • Newsletter → regularly informing minds, touching hearts, and inspiring action. Reaches 200,000+ people in 150+ countries. 200+ editions, millions of views.
  • Community → providing consistent opportunities for people to learn and take action together, share stories and best practices, connect, and collaborate to maximize their impact on their climate journeys.
  • Podcast → disseminating the wisdom of top sustainability experts, lifting up the work they’re doing, and empowering listeners to accelerate climate action. In the top 20% of podcasts globally. 


Crowdsourcing Sustainability is a grassroots, movement-building nonprofit committed to reversing global heating as quickly and equitably as possible and co-creating a just world where all life thrives.


We build the climate movement’s power, drive cultural change, and mobilize people everywhere to accelerate the implementation of climate solutions in homes, schools, cities, and companies around the world.


With our newsletter read by 200,000+ people in 150+ countries, our podcast, and our online community, we consistently inform minds, touch hearts, and inspire action. We strengthen existing climate champions and onboard new ones into the movement by connecting people to resources, hope, climate experts, peer organizations, and each other so they can make the policy and investment decisions within their spheres of influence science-based and justice-centered.

Our team is made up of a Community Weaver, two part-time teammates, and myself right now. 

We’re always asking the questions: "How can we help to reverse global heating as quickly and equitably as possible? How can we better inspire/empower/connect people to level up their impact? How can we grow the community?" So when you have ideas for improvements or projects to those ends, please do share :)


We’re looking for a teammate whose overarching mission will be to:

  • Ensure our newsletters get to our community (hundreds of thousands of people) on time and look amazing.
    • This means uploading, quality-checking, finding cover photos, and scheduling already-written newsletters to be published on Convertkit, our website, LinkedIn, and Medium.
  • Spread awareness, empower people, and help grow our community through social media strategy and management!
    • Create authentic high-quality social media posts that capture the essence of and further disseminate the newsletter, podcast, and upcoming community events so we can connect and empower even more people to become climate champions. 

Key Info

You’ll be the fifth teammate at a nimble startup nonprofit. I (hi, Ryan here 👋) have been building this organization around the newsletter for the last five years. And right now we’re looking for someone to take our action-oriented newsletters and make sure they look amazing, deliver them to the world on time through our various channels, and spread awareness even further by tagging relevant parties mentioned and by creating additional social media posts.

To be successful at this, we’re looking for a teammate who:

  • Is passionate about Crowdsourcing Sustainability’s work and naturally aligned with our core values.
  • Has strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Takes initiative and gets things done consistently and on time. 
  • Has an entrepreneurial spirit - is ready to be in a strategic relationship with the Founder.
  • Is knowledgeable about the climate and sustainability space.

Preferred but not required…apply anyway if you think you can crush this!

  • Has 3+ years experience with social media (we’re focused on LinkedIn and Instagram. Please mention what you are most familiar with in the cover letter!) 
  • Skilled with Canva or a similar tool. We want someone who can create brand-aligned social media content and newsletter cover photos.


Please mention any additional, relevant skills in your cover letter or resume! 


  • Part-time position, fully remote (you can be anywhere in the world). 
  • Up to ~5 hours a week to start. Somewhat flexible hours, but need to be able to work on Tuesdays. (Our newsletters are published at 7 am ET Wednesday mornings, so you will need to be available to work on Tuesday afternoons/evenings to ensure everything is scheduled and ready to go!)
  • ~ $20 to $30 / hour depending on experience.
  • You will work with and report to the Founder/Executive Director.

Our climate community is global, and we highly encourage people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply!

Why this role matters & what success will look like

This is an important role because our newsletter is the foundation of this organization and goes out to 200,000 people. It is key to empowering people on their climate journeys and maximizing our collective impact. Essentially, you are the one who ensures our work gets out into the world in a consistent, reliable, and high-quality manner.

Success looks like:

  • Making sure the newsletter looks great (e.g. properly formatted, right-sized images with links and credited, finding or creating fantastic cover photos that capture the essence of that newsletter’s message) 
  • Scheduling the newsletter so that it’s published on time through our various channels (Our website, Convertkit, LinkedIn newsletter, Medium). Also, thoughtfully tagging people and organizations that we mention or highlight in the newsletter and sharing with relevant groups.
  • Creating an integrated social media strategy that spreads our work and empowers more people. 
  • Creating posts on LinkedIn and Instagram (at least, maybe others as well) that pull out key takeaways from our content and share them clearly in our voice/style.  
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and ways to increase engagement, with the ultimate goal of connecting with people more deeply and encouraging more people to sign up for the newsletter and join our online community. 

Quite frankly, we’re looking for someone who's passionate about climate, is excited about (and capable of crushing) this role, is a self-starter, and someone who we will love to work with. 

If you think that might be you, please apply with a brief cover letter and resume - can’t wait to hear from you!


Crowdsourcing Sustainability’s Core Values

These are our core values and we are looking for a teammate who naturally aligns with them.


  • For ourselves and each other.
  • For everyone in the Crowdsourcing Sustainability community.
  • For all life on earth.


  • To not look away from what’s happening to life on earth right now, to let ourselves grieve, and to cultivate hope because there is still so much we can save and improve.
  • To tell the truth about where we stand, how we got here, and what we need to do.
  • To refuse to accept the deadly status quo, to imagine a better world, and to help bring it to life where we are with what we have.
  • To be honest, to be ourselves, to share our unique gifts and perspective.
  • To question our assumptions and worldviews, to be self-examining, to step out of our comfort zones.
  • To keep trying, failing, getting back up, and doing better next time.

Growth Mindset

  • Always keep learning, reflecting, and making adjustments to improve both personally and professionally. This leads to strengthening our relationships and continually increasing our impact.
  • Focus on the things that are within our power to change. Take one step at a time, while holding the bigger vision in mind. Work to continue deepening and expanding our understanding of what is within our power and how we can leverage that power to do the most good.


  • Practice solidarity, communication, collaboration, and gratitude within our team and community.
  • Strive to cultivate community that re-enlivens our innate interconnectedness with each other and all life.
  • Know that everyone has something unique and valuable to contribute. We are all needed at this moment in time.
  • Understand that community is greater than the sum of its parts, and our impact multiplies exponentially when we come together in service of a collective vision.


  • We strive to divest from systems of oppression such as colonialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and extractive capitalism within ourselves, our organization, and the world.
  • We are engaged in continuing to deepen and expand our understanding of systems of oppression and how they operate, as well as how we can best leverage our privileges and power and support the creation of systems that are equitable, empowering, and liberatory for all.
  • We strive for climate solutions that are intersectional, equitable, and directly address the uneven and deeply unjust impacts of the climate crisis (not false solutions that ignore or reinforce systemic oppression and inequity).

Joy and Wellbeing

  • We believe that cultivating joy within the climate movement is crucial and we seek to root our work for change in our personal joy for life on Earth, our community joy for one another, and our collective joy for the possibility of a vibrant, just, and flourishing world for all.
  • We know that if we want to build a world full of joy, nourishment, love, and connection, we need to be rooted in these experiences as much as possible in the process of creation.
  • We prioritize caring for ourselves and caring for one another. We want to be well and we want those we serve and work with to be well. We strive to show up as whole humans and to encourage others to do the same.
  • We acknowledge that joy is complex and can be deeply connected to and even intertwined with grief. Joy does not mean being happy or “positive” all the time or ignoring hard and painful truths. We seek to cultivate a radical joy that can encompass the full spectrum of humanity.

Commitment to Saving and Improving Lives

  • We strive for every decision, investment, and action to be in service of our vision of empowering people to build a safe, healthy, and just world for all.

Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Boston, MA, USA

Crowdsourcing Sustainability is a start-up 501(c)(3) non-profit working to help rebuild a safer, healthier, and more just world. Purpose: To help ...

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