Geochemist - Enhanced Weathering in Agriculture

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Isometric is a carbon removal registry and science platform. ...

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Job Description

Isometric is a carbon removal registry and science platform. Our mission is to avert climate disaster by ensuring the transition to carbon removal happens responsibly and fast.

We're growing quickly, but we’re intentional about hiring people who contribute to our unique culture. Our team is smart, meticulous and courageous—but warm, kind and supportive too.

We’re led by Eamon Jubbawy, an experienced CEO who previously co-founded Onfido—one of the fastest-growing enterprise technology companies Europe has ever seen—where he scaled the AI-based verification company from $1 million to $100 million in revenue in under six years.

The wider team is composed of scientists from universities including Oxford, Cambridge and MIT, as well as technologists from companies including Amazon, Shopify, Meta, Wise and Palantir.

And we’re backed by world-class investors with real-world experience in climate change and company building: Lowercarbon Capital and Plural.

Join us if you're ready to take on a career-defining role. Working here will be unlike any job you've had before.

Outcomes you’ll be responsible for

  • Expanding knowledge of the science underpinning enhanced weathering in agriculture, and applying it to carbon removal verification.

  • Ensuring that the science underlying the Isometric platform for enhanced weathering is internally consistent and in line with the latest research.

  • Building an early science team culture that values scientific rigour, pragmatism, and ecosystem building through mentoring your teammates or influencing how we interface with external experts and stakeholders.

Tasks you might do

  • Validate measurement and modeling techniques applied to enhanced weathering projects.

  • Collaborate with academics, national labs, and industry players on the latest in enhanced weathering research and technology development.

  • Write agricultural enhanced weathering protocols to quantify net negativity, durability, and uncertainty.

Aptitudes you’ll display

  • An interdisciplinary technical background in measurement and/or modelling techniques that you have applied or can apply to enhanced weathering processes, which you may have obtained through the process of earning a PhD degree or equivalent and through additional academic and/or industry experience.

  • Eagerness to learn new things and to teach others about the science of carbon removal and storage. We are science-driven and are building technology that relies on the clear communication of science concepts, both internally and externally.

  • Drive to urgently solve big challenges that have no obvious answers today. We’re doing novel things that no one person knows the answer to today.

  • Bringing good energy and humility into how you show up. It’s a tough problem but we can’t give up.

This role might not be for you if

  • You’re looking for a fully remote role at the moment. In the early stages of building our product we’re optimising for being physically together 3 days a week.

  • You enjoy structure and only staying within your area of expertise. We’re a small team early on the journey and things change quickly as we learn more.

  • You prefer a slower pace. While the problem we’re facing has a long time horizon, it’s also critical that we make meaningful progress on it today, not next quarter or year.


We'd be really happy to speak to you about the role. Reach out to us at

Isometric is a carbon removal registry and science platform. ...

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