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For over 20 years, David Gardiner and Associates has worked to catalyze global decarbonization through strategic advisory services. By leveraging ...

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About David Gardiner and Associates (DGA)
David Gardiner and Associates (DGA) is a Washington, D.C. area-based strategic advisory firm focused on climate change, clean energy, and sustainability. We promote a wide range of clean energy solutions, including renewable electricity, transmission, electric cars and trucks, renewable thermal energy, clean fuels, and more. Our clients are an exciting mix of non-profit organizations, corporations, trade associations, and governments. We help our clients with strategic planning, research and analysis, and improved communications through our partnership building and advocacy.

DGA helped create and manage three cutting edge clean energy advocacy organizations – Americans for a Clean Energy Grid, the Combined Heat and Power Alliance, and theRenewable Thermal Collaborative. Our team integrates decades of practical experience across business sectors with diverse subject expertise and produces highly tailored and high-quality products to meet the specific needs of each client. If you want to be a part of a rapidly growing organization, which is driving climate change and clean energy solutions with a diverse mix of clients and partners and co-workers, you should come work at DGA!

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative
The majority of the Membership Director’s time will be dedicated to working with one of DGA’s major clients, the Renewable Thermal Collaborative. The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) is the global coalition for companies, institutions, and governments committed to scaling up renewable heating and cooling at their facilities, dramatically cutting carbon emissions. RTC members recognize the growing demand and necessity for renewable heating and cooling and the urgent need to meet this demand in a manner that delivers sustainable, cost-competitive options at scale. The RTC’s success will have an immense impact on climate change; fossil fuels used to produce industrial heat produce 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

As a coalition, the RTC offers value to members by providing “power in numbers.” The RTC is the only place to focus on renewable heating and cooling and where large thermal energy users come together collaboratively to understand the problems in the market, learn from each other, and overcome these barriers to renewable heating and cooling. RTC members include some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, such as Astra Zeneca, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Cargill, Colgate Palmolive, Diageo, GM, Henkel, Honda, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Mars, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Roche, Saint Gobain, and Unilever. The RTC was founded in 2017 and is facilitated by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, David Gardiner and Associates, and World Wildlife Fund. RTC is working to decarbonize thermal energy in the global industrial and buildings sectors. RTC has a specific goal to reduce U.S. industrial sector thermal emissions 30% by 2030 and full sector decarbonization by 2050.

Membership Director Position
David Gardiner and Associates is looking for a talented Membership Director to join their small, collaborative, and nimble team. The Membership Director will work closely with DGA’s Senior Vice President, who serves as the RTC’s Executive Director, to accelerate the RTC’s work across renewable thermal technologies, market development, and policy. Currently, the RTC is working on a broad suite of projects that includes: assessments and market acceleration plans for renewable natural gas, solar thermal, electrification, green hydrogen, thermal storage, and biomass; federal policies to support renewable thermal deployment; greenhouse gas accounting and claims; peer-to-peer collaboration forums and projects; regular webinars, reports, and stakeholder communications.

The Membership Director will be part of the team working to expand large industrial energy users’ and technology/service providers’ participation in the RTC. The Membership Director is responsible for implementing and driving the RTC’s annual membership growth goals through targeted recruitment. RTC is working to more than double its membership over the next three years.

Specific activities may include:

  • Develop and execute strategies to recruit new members and sponsors to the RTC.
  • Identify potential members and sponsors with the capacity to contribute $5,000-$25,000 annually, cultivate relationships, develop written proposals and membership agreements, and secure memberships.
  • Develop and maintain member and sponsor prospect lists.
  • Develop and maintain member and sponsor prospectus and other marketing materials to promote the RTC.
  • Recommend business development opportunities for the RTC to grow memberships and sponsorships, and secure foundation funding.
  • Support the annual RTC Summit, securing event sponsors and assisting with planning and successful execution of the event.
  • Work with collaborators to assist with referrals, conducting appropriate follow-up with each lead.
  • Work with RTC’s Executive Director to develop and execute strategies to retain existing members and sponsors.

Qualifications include:

  • Passionate about improving our climate, sustainability, and increasing the use of
    renewable energy.
  • Five to eight of experience in business development, sales and/or fundraising, with an emphasis on growing coalitions and engaging partners.
  • An understanding of and ability to communicate effectively about climate and renewable energy policy and industry, and nonprofit players involved in these issues.
  • Experience working with industrial energy users is a plus.
  • Excellent relationship building skills and ability to engage with people of diverse backgrounds and at senior levels of corporations.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to attend occasional networking events and conferences as needed. Some travel will be required.
  • Experience working with foundations and strategic planning for fundraising is a plus.
  • Self-motivated and comfortable working independently.
  • Organized and detail oriented, with strong experience managing complex project
    workflows and timelines and consistently meeting deadlines.
  • A self-starter, organized, with strong interpersonal skills.

The DGA selection decisions are based on applicant’s qualification, merit, and DGA and the RTC’s current projects. DGA is committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. As an equal opportunity employer committed to taking action for racial justice, DGA values workplace diversity and inclusion. The more inclusive we are, the better and more successful our work will be.

To apply: send a resume and cover letter to with the subject line: DGA – Membership Director.

For over 20 years, David Gardiner and Associates has worked to catalyze global decarbonization through strategic advisory services. By leveraging ...

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