Automation Data Integration Engineer (M/F)

Grenoble, France
24 days ago
Full time role


Verkor is a French industrial company set to amplify battery cell production. ...

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Job Description

Verkor is a French industrial company aiming to pioneer low-carbon battery manufacturing in France. With the backing of prominent industrial companies such as Renault Group, Plastic Omnium and Schneider Electric, Verkor intends to electrify the future of European mobility.

With over 350 experts from 38 different countries, our endeavor is to unite exceptional global talent to bring this ambitious and innovative project to life. Our strong and agile international team continues to grow and adapt to new challenges. Based in Grenoble (France), we have recently started operations our Verkor Innovation Centre (R&D centre and 4.0 pilot line).

We now focus on building the world’s most modern and efficient Gigafactory in Dunkirk (France). With this facility, our ambition is an initial annual production of 16 Gwh of lithium-ion batteries by 2025, thus powering 300,000 electric vehicles annually.  

In joining us you will actively participate in this breathtaking industrial adventure to shape the future of European mobility.

We are currently looking for an Automation Data Integration Engineer (M/F) based in Grenoble, France, to join our Digital Innovation team.

As such, you play a crucial role in designing, implementing, and maintaining solutions that enable seamless data integration across various automation systems, devices, and platforms while harnessing the power of IIoT advancements.

Responsibilities :

  • Data Integration: 
  • Develop and implement strategies for integrating data from diverse sources such as sensors, machines, databases, and enterprise software systems.
  • Design and deploy data pipelines, ETL processes, and APIs to ensure the smooth flow of data between different systems.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define data integration requirements, including data mapping, transformation, and validation.

  • IIoT Implementation: 
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest IIoT technologies, standards, and trends, and apply this knowledge to develop innovative solutions.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate sensors, devices, and communication protocols for IIoT projects.
  • Architect and implement end-to-end IIoT solutions, including sensor deployment, data aggregation, edge computing, and cloud connectivity.

  • Automation System Design:
  • Design and optimize automation systems to support data integration and IIoT initiatives.
  • Collaborate with control system engineers to ensure seamless integration between automation and IIoT components.

  • Data Analytics
  • Collaborate with data analysts and data scientists to define data analytics requirements and implement relevant algorithms for extracting insights from integrated data.

  • System Maintenance and Troubleshooting:
  • Monitor and maintain the health of data integration systems, troubleshoot issues, and implement corrective actions as needed.
  • Perform regular system updates, patches, and optimizations to ensure reliability and security.

  • Documentation and Training:
  • Create detailed documentation of system designs, integrations, and processes.
  • Provide training and support to internal teams on data integration techniques, IIoT technologies, and best practices.

  • Continuous Improvement: 
  • Proactively identify opportunities for process improvement, cost reduction, and enhanced system performance.
  • Stay informed about industry developments and propose innovative solutions to address emerging challenges

Requirements :

  • A bachelor's or Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field is preferred.
  • Proven experience in automation engineering, data integration, and IIoT implementation.
  • Good experience in programming and interfacing PLC's with higher-level systems such as SCADA and MES.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++
  • Familiarity with communication protocols like MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus, and RESTful APIs.
  • Experience with IIoT platforms, cloud services, and edge computing technologies.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex automation and integration issues
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity principles related to data integration and IIoT.

Some extras which make the difference :

  • Knowledge of the SQL Database 
  • Familiar with JavaScript 
  • Basic knowledge on Python 
  • Experience with data analytics tools and visualization platforms

Why join us?

Strong company spirit and culture settle down around our 4 values:
We promote personal initiative and give everyone the means to contribute to the company's success.
We're committed to transparent communication: we say what we think, and we mean what we say.
Team Spirit
Everyone, in their role, is an ambassador for the company. At Verkor, success is most definitely a team sport!
We're all working towards a common goal: a sustainable future, which we're building one step at a time.

Attractive work conditions*
- Stimulating work environment: pleasant offices, multicultural and motivated team
- Live and work in the Green Capital of Europe
- Lunch vouchers
- 50% of local transportation costs financed
- 5 weeks of holidays per year + 2 weeks of compensation time (RTT).
- Industry-leading healthcare
- Opportunities to network and connect with worldwide experts

For more info on the company, please visit us at
*all positions are open to individuals possessing a Recognition of the Status of Disabled Worker (RQTH)
*conditions may apply depending on type of contract

Verkor is a French industrial company set to amplify battery cell production. ...

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