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We support environmental resiliency through profitable investment. We provide capital and talent to accelerate the growth of early-stage climate tech ...

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Job Description

Our mission (share it!):

Optiwatt’s mission is to reverse global warming through the advancement of smart device adoption. We started by making electric vehicle ownership cheaper, simpler, and more impactful, by building North America's largest network of connected and intelligent cars to balance the electric grid. Next, we expanded into smart thermostats, to revolutionize HVAC intelligence and help put dollars to degrees. But we are still just getting started, as there are a myriad of devices within today's increasingly connected home, and utilities are feeling the stress of rapid electrification across industries. Our investors are some of the most active impact investing firms out there, and we hold ourselves accountable to each other and the future generations of this planet. Do you want to straddle the intersection of technology and purpose on our growth trajectory to 1,000,000 connected homes and beyond? We hope so.

Our culture (thrive in it!):

"We're a small team of genuinely ethical people driven by helping others and our planet. And we love our virtual gaming tournaments." - Casey

"I love the people here like a family. We work hard and our laid-back culture is strong. It is a flat, collaborative organization, I pitch directly to the CEO and feel heard, even when it's outside my specialty." - Nina

"We love what we do, which makes it feel more like a fun weekend project than work. And after all the features have been deployed, we sometimes disc golf." - Danny

"The culture is fun, full of hope and excitement. The office is always full of jokes and discussion about how we can better ourselves and the electric grid." - Zoe

Your impact (grow it!):

As a Marketing Manager at Optiwatt, you will be directly responsible for connecting millions of residential IoT devices to North America’s energy generation and distribution systems over the next few years, drastically reducing CO2 emissions and preventing grid blackouts. Optiwatt is already the largest telematics-based managed charging platform on the continent, pioneering software products that enable data insights, convenience, and bill savings across 100,000+ users of electric vehicles, smart thermostats, and more, but we are determined to extend that lead, with your help.

Your primary directives at Optiwatt will be as follows:

  1. Lead the deployment of utility program marketing budgets in specific geographies (big and small, urban and rural) to hit enrollment targets for a device category (EVs, thermostats, etc.) based on sales contracts
  2. Manage a significant evergreen marketing budget ($1M+ annually) and associated engagement campaigns to expand mature Optiwatt software products (EVs) to the US and Canada at the best possible unit economics
  3. Launch new device categories from scratch to achieve product/market fit and category profitability as Optiwatt expands its residential footprint (smart thermostats, battery storage, solar, etc.) at a blistering pace

First, you will undergo efforts to understand the customer across device types, in order to better segment and address market needs. You will survey existing and prospective customers to understand their pain points and identify trends, while keeping your finger on the pulse of the modern zeitgeist to remain topical in your consumer outreach. Next, you will evaluate a holistic marketing funnel across digital advertising, app store advertising, search engine optimization, influencer campaigns, referral programs, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, channel partnerships, direct mail, and much more. You will transform this analysis into data-driven recommendations that consistently move the needle towards Optiwatt’s lofty growth targets. Finally, you will push the boundaries of Optiwatt’s future marketing initiatives, by ideating, prioritizing, testing, and evaluating new ideas for customer acquisition. You will be creative in how you build and represent the Optiwatt brand, as you work diligently alongside the rest of our marketing team who are hungry to make an impact on our customers and the planet. Whether you are a mid-level marketing specialist hungry for ownership, or already have a few years of division management under your belt, you will be principally driven by one single metric: growth. If you are excited to obsess over customer acquisition, activation, and retention, to enhance electrification around the globe, we want to hear from you.

Here’s some examples of the exciting stuff you'll be working on:

  1. Identify value propositions that will resonate with specific customer segments and test combinations of creative assets, digital advertising channels, and demographic targeting data to achieve campaign results
  2. Analyze trends in user behavior, campaign performance, and channel efficacy to optimize costs, seize opportunities, and inform roadmap iteration
  3. Brainstorm new channels, partnerships, or approaches that Optiwatt could leverage to maximize its user, financial, or impact metrics
  4. Prioritize a backlog of ideas with imperfect information to estimate the likelihood of success, then execute on that plan regardless of experience
  5. Strategize at the highest level in the morning, but also be willing to put boots on the ground in the afternoon, utilizing a scrappy desire to meaningfully translate growth into action regardless of seniority or personal predilection (we have traded avocados for signups in a supercharger parking lot at one point, if that helps paint a picture)
  6. Supply the team with reports on needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services
  7. Keep abreast of best practices and promotional trends
  8. Continuously improve through feedback, as an individual, team, and organization
  9. Represent Optiwatt’s ethics, mission, and values with the highest level of integrity


You are someone who is….

  1. Excited to work on any of the following; electric vehicles, smart thermostats, the electric grid, technology, climate change reduction
  2. Proven through work experience in marketing, analytics, product, growth, or related fields 
  3. Comfortable with a variety of productivity tools, including excellent knowledge of MS Office and Google Workspace
  4. Knowledgeable of the digital tracking architectures that inform cutting-edge digital conversion campaigns, such as iOS SKAN, MMPs (Adjust/AppsFlyer), Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, UTM parameters, deeplinking, and more, and are capable of analyzing and implementing new architectures or solutions to enhance accuracy
  5. Capable of advanced data analysis, including statistical modeling, graphical representation, and KPI reporting, through tools such as PostgreSQL, Python, Data Studio, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Hotjar, and more
  6. Creative and thoughtful, in ideation of novel customer acquisition strategies, specification of physical or digital ads, and development of product enhancements to drive growth
  7. Familiar with operation of push, SMS, and email campaigns through CEPs such as Klaviyo, Braze, MoEngage, or others
  8. Efficient in designing and executing A/B tests, resulting in actionable insights that Optiwatt can either grow from or abandon in minimum time
  9. Highly motivated, target driven, with a proven track record in marketing and a desire to grow yourself within Optiwatt by pulling in work that excites you
  10. Excellent in demonstrating technical, negotiation, and communication skills under pressure
  11. Organized in prioritization, communication, and time management
  12. A natural communicator, able to process customer information, establish rapport, and appreciate feedback
  13. Educated, with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, psychology, data science, or a related field (exceptions made for deep industry experience or a proven track record of scrappy success)

You might be able to help with... (not at all required)

  1. Graphic design - do you happen to know Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Figma, Canva, etc?
  2. Video production/editing - do you have experience in content production or post-production?


Grow with us

We raised $4.3M dollars in March of 2022 from some of the most reputable names in venture capital and impact investing: Google Ventures, Urban Innovation Fund, and Active Impact Investments. Our Series A is right around the corner, and we have multiple capital commitments already, so get in on the first floor right before we explode. We have our sights set on the stars, so if you're interested in growth potential, the sky's the limit here at Optiwatt.

We invest in your career because we know that even if you aren’t with us forever, empowering you to better tackle climate change helps all of us. The best part of working in the clean technology industry is the enormous collaboration between companies, founders, investors, and yes, even governments. Everyone is driven by the same goal: reduce global warming and move us towards a truly sustainable future.

We encourage you to step outside of your role and show us what you can do. Ask for opportunity and you will receive it, offer up ideas and you will be heard. We desire to match people with work that excites them the most, and we will support you in your journey to learn and grow to accomplish that goal.

If your resume doesn't quite fit these job requirements, please apply anyway and tell us where you think you could help us! Climate change and grid stability are enormous problems and we would love help from talented people with any background.

Shine with us

The salary range for this job is $130,000 to $180,000, plus equity compensation dependent on experience.

Optiwatt is a growing startup that offers competitive salaries and benefits to all employees, rivaling the giants of the tech world. Some of these amazing perks include:

  • Ability to work fully remote, hybrid, or in-person in San Francisco (Office on Market and Van Ness)
  • Every other Friday off (seriously)
  • Flexible work hours, and we mean it. We want you to work when you are most productive, no matter if you are a night owl, early bird, or live in a different US time zone.
  • Stock options dependent on experience and salary flexibility
  • Year-end employee bonuses
  • Healthcare (PPO - Health and Dental) 
  • Unlimited paid vacation/sick leave, including a mandatory 10 days off per year
  • Yearly company retreats to far-away places (we have hit Lake Tahoe, Columbus, and Santa Barbara in the past year!)
  • Paid paternity/maternity leave
  • Paid career development opportunities (learn a skill!)
  • Expensed home office supplies, work travel, team entertainment, etc. as necessary
  • Optional participation in monthly virtual gaming half-days (the last winner got an Oculus!)

We support environmental resiliency through profitable investment. We provide capital and talent to accelerate the growth of early-stage climate tech ...

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