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🌎 New Climate Jobs (4/08-4/12)

Check out some of the latest featured jobs below. If you don't see anything that speaks to you, you can always go Climatebase to explore thousands of other opportunities.
Ammar Khan
Apr 9, 2024 7 min read
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Check out some of the latest featured jobs below. If you don't see anything that speaks to you, you can always go to Climatebase to explore thousands of other opportunities.

Activate Global

“Activate empowers scientists to reinvent our world and address climate change by bringing their research to market. We partner with leading funders and research institutions—including a groundbreaking new partnership with the National Science Foundation—to offer the Activate Fellowship, providing the funding, technical support, networking, community, and time that scientists need at the outset of their entrepreneurial journey. The results are game ...”

  • Technical Product Manager (Remote)
  • Partnerships Intern (New York, NY, US)
  • Government Relations Director (Washington, DC, US)
  • Fellowship Recruitment Intern (New York, NY, US)
  • Fellowship Manager, Berkeley (San Francisco, CA, US)
  • Business Development Intern (New York, NY, US)
  • Business Analytics Secondment(San Francisco, CA, US)

Mainspring Energy

“At Mainspring we believe the fastest path to the net-zero carbon grid is vastly increasing the amount of solar and wind power while building a supporting clean energy system that ensures affordability and multi-day, cross-season resilience. Getting there requires flexible, scalable, local technologies that can adapt to the shifting grid landscape – including the transition from natural gas to renewable ...”

They are hiring across the following departments:

  • Warehouse (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Product Qualification (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Environmental Permitting and Compliance (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Engineering - Mechanical (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Software Engineering Intern (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Technical Program Management (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Project Management (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Mechanical R&D (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Embedded Software Engineering (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Accounting (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Salesforce Admin (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Sales Associate (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • R&D Electrical Technician (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Project Engineering(Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Production Associate (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Operations & Analytics Intern (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Field Service Technician (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Energy Analysis (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • End of Line Technician (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Embedded Software Intern (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Embedded Software Engineer (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • DevOps Engineering (Menlo Park, CA, US)
  • and more

Nevada Clean Energy Fund

“The Nevada Clean Energy Fund (NCEF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting a thriving, affordable, and accessible clean energy economy by providing financial and technical resources to Nevadans. NCEF works with communities, Tribes, affordable housing developers, schools, local businesses, contractors, governments, utilities, and others to accelerate clean energy growth, reduce energy costs, create jobs, and address climate change. NCEF supports ...”

  • Community Engagement Manager (Remote · Las Vegas, NV...)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) (Remote · Las Vegas, NV...)


“Offstream's mission is to enable gigaton scale carbon removal by building the tools clean tech project developers use to stay compliant and maximize revenue for their operations. We work with clean tech developers globally to simplify the complex web of compliance across IRA tax credit requirements, voluntary carbon market standards, local, state, and federal regulations, and carbon credit buyer purchase ...”

  • Founding full stack software engineer (Remote · Denver, CO, US)

Martha Montag Brown & Assocaites, LLC

“We are an executive search firm focused on senior-level searches in philanthropy. ...”

  • Science Program Officer - Heising-Simons Foundation (Remote)

Oxylus Energy

“Oxylus Energy is a novel climatetech company focused on providing real solutions that can scale. We take novel, breakthrough technology in electrochemistry that helps eliminate the need for fossil fuels by converting carbon dioxide into carbon-neutral fuels and chemical feedstocks. We are a team of scientists, engineers, and problem solvers dedicated to reducing the need for fossil fuels. ...”

  • Senior Electrochemist / Electrochemical Senior Engineer (New Haven, CT, US)
  • Electrochemist / Electrochemical Test Engineer (New Haven, CT, US)

Pacific Fusion

“Founded in 2023, Pacific Fusion offers a rapid path to commercial fusion power based on established science and sound engineering. We are still in stealth, and look forward to sharing more soon. ...”

  • Target Design Phycisist (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Target Fabrication Lead (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Facilities & Infrastructure Lead (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Fusion Chamber Engineer (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Pulsed Power Engineer - High Reliability Component Specialist (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Pulsed Power Engineer - SME Generalist (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Mechanical Engineer (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Chief of Staff / Operations Lead (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Mechanical Designer (Fremont, CA, US)
  • Electro-Mechanical Laboratory Technician (Fremont, CA, US)

Deep Sky

“Deep Sky is a carbon dioxide removal (CDR) project developer in Canada that seeks to slow and ultimately reverse the accelerating march towards global climate disaster through carbon removal and long-term storage. In partnership with leading carbon capture technology developers from around the world, Deep Sky will build infrastructure to capture and permanently sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ...”

  • Construction Manager (Remote · Calgary, AB, CA)
  • Director, Government Affairs & Public Policy (Western Canada) (Remote)
  • Engineer, Carbon Capture (Remote · Toronto, ON, CA)
  • Instrumentation and Controls Engineer, Capture (Remote · Toronto, ON, CA)
  • Accountant/Bookkeeper // Comptable/Teneur(se) de livres (Remote · Montreal, QC, CA)
  • Senior Process Engineer, Capture (Remote · Toronto, ON, CA)
  • Director of Community and Stakeholder Engagement // Directeur(trice) de l'Engagement des Communautés et des Parties Prenantes (Remote · Québec City, ...)

Carbon Atlantis

“Carbon Atlantis pulls carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere using a novel electrochemical pH-swing process. The system uses a basic, liquid solvent to capture CO2 and an acid to release it. Developing the technology in Munich, Germany, we have partnered with mineralization experts at Paebbl to deliver our first carbon credits to Frontier Climate's Stripe and Shopify, who have collectively ...”

  • Technical Founder’s Associate (f/m/d) (Munich, BY, DE)
  • Pilot Plant Engineer (f/m/d) (Munich, BY, DE)
  • Electrochemical Test Engineer (f/m/d) (Munich, BY, DE)
  • Data Engineer (f/m/d) (Munich, BY, DE)
  • Absorption Engineer (f/m/d) (Munich, BY, DE)
  • Electrician / Elektriker:in (f/m/d) (Remote · Munich, BY, DE)


“Isometric is a carbon removal registry and science platform. ...”

  • Carbon Removal Manager (New York, NY, US)
  • Business Development Manager (New York, NY, US · Lon...)
  • Senior Fullstack Engineer (London, England, GB)
  • Senior Frontend Engineer (London, England, GB)
  • Senior Backend Engineer (London, England, GB)
  • General Application (London, England, GB)

Flux Marine

“Flux Marine is a high-growth marine technology start-up that is designing electric outboard motors from the ground up without using legacy combustion engine parts. This allows our motors to maximize efficiency and minimize maintenance without compromising performance vs gas engines. Our technology has many applications including commercial, recreational, yacht tender, and defense markets. ...”

  • Marine Operations Project Manager (Bristol, RI, US)
  • Senior Embedded Software Engineer (Bristol, RI, US)
  • Senior Power Electronics Engineer (Bristol, RI, US)
  • General Application (Bristol, RI, US)
  • Sales Ambassador (Bristol, RI, US)
  • Controls Engineer (Bristol, RI, US)

LevelTen Energy

“LevelTen Energy’s mission is to accelerate the energy transition by facilitating frictionless transactions. As the leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure, we deliver the cloud-based software, centralized supply, automated analytics, and transaction expertise required to power the renewable energy economy. The LevelTen Platform is the world’s largest online hub for renewable energy buyers, sellers, advisors, asset owners and financiers, and ...”

  • Data Analyst (Foster City, CA, US)
  • Marketing Manager - Energy Seller Solutions (Foster City, CA, US)
  • Transaction Specialist (Madrid, MD, ES)
  • Manager, European Energy Analytics (Madrid, MD, ES)


“At Arca, we pull carbon dioxide from the air and store it permanently as rock. To do this at scale, we partner with the minerals industry to implement our technology at mines. These are the same mines that are producing the minerals (nickel, for example) necessary for the transition to a clean energy future. Arca’s founders are leaders in the ...”

  • Field Technician- Western Australia (Remote)
  • Intern (Remote · Vancouver, BC...)
  • Open call for climate champions (Vancouver, BC, CA)

The Clean Fight

“The Clean Fight is dedicated to accelerating the transition to clean energy for all. Our flagship not-for-profit accelerator helps scale the top growth-stage clean energy companies from around the world, looking to expand into New York. Innovators that will help meet New York’s future energy needs, while boosting economic opportunity and job creation for all. Powered by New Energy Nexus. ...”

  • Senior Accountant (Remote · New York, NY, US)
  • Partnerships Manager (Remote · New York, NY, US)
  • Marketing Manager (Remote · New York, NY, US)


“Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets, uses technology to help businesses, organizations, and individuals become carbon neutral or even carbon negative. Cloverly has made carbon offsetting available in a wide variety of business segments for everything from ridesharing and flights to fintech and supply chains. Offset projects in the Cloverly portfolio include everything from wind and solar farms to reforestation and improved ...”

  • Account Executive (Atlanta, GA, US)
  • Head of Engineering (Remote)
  • Go-To-Market Lead (Atlanta, GA, US)

Raptor Maps Inc

“Our mission is to enable the solar industry to scale efficiently. Raptor Maps is the leading provider of lifecycle management software for the solar industry. We support portfolio owners, asset managers, O&M providers, EPC contractors, and independent engineers with software solutions that enable organization and asset efficiency. Raptor Maps enable solar companies to increase performance, reduce costs, and standardize & compare solar ...”

  • Robotics Product Manager (Remote) (Remote)
  • Growth Strategy Associate (Remote) (Remote)
  • Account Director - Enterprise Sales (Remote) (Remote)

Rappel, Inc.

“Rappel makes it simple and affordable for mid-sized companies to reduce their carbon emissions by eliminating the time, resource, and expertise barriers that hold these companies back. We help businesses understand their emissions drivers, prioritize the right reduction levers, launch actionable plans, and sustain progress. ...”

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer (Los Angeles, CA, US · ...)
  • Decarbonization Solutions Research Analyst (Los Angeles, CA, US · ...)

Sesame Solar Inc

“Sesame Solar is decarbonizing disaster response. We design and make Mobile Nanogrids powered by solar, green hydrogen, (optional small wind turbines) and battery storage with Essential Services Inside such as communications, clean water, refrigeration, medical assistance and more. Designed to be towed by electric trucks, Sesame Nanogrids have EV charging on board to provide a 100% fossil-fuel free Solution for extreme ...”

  • Engineer (Remote · Jackson, MI, US)
  • Plant Manager (Jackson, MI, US)


“ABOUT WASTED* Our mission at Wasted* is to catalyze the global transition to circular sanitation and change the way people think about waste. In doing so, our aspiration is to restore one of nature’s most fundamental cycles – the flow of nutrients from plants, through humans, and back to the soil to support new growth – and show that we are not ...”

  • Sales & Customer Success Representative (Boston, MA, US)
  • Nutrient Network Technician (Williston, VT, US)

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