Oakland, CA, USA

Company Description

Felt is the best way to make maps on the internet.

As we face more frequent climate disasters, such as the fires burning in the west, or the unexpected snowstorms in the south, maps are increasingly a part of our lives. We refer to them daily, and yet it is still surprisingly hard to create and share a map ourselves. Felt was founded to make it easy for anyone to think in maps.

Felt is the first easy-to-use collaborative mapping app that serves a wide range of use cases, from sketching out a hike with friends, to communicating next steps to a wildfire response unit.

Our founders have a proven track record: Sam Hashemi's previous company Remix scaled up to 350+ cities in 17 countries and was one of the largest software acquisition in 2021. Can Duruk was an early engineer at Uber, and runs one of the most popular technology newsletters on the internet.

Our distributed team recently raised a $4.5M seed round led by Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from Designer Fund, Allison Pickens, Akshay Kothari, Dylan Field, John Lilly, Julia & Kevin Hartz, and Keval Desai. We're growing quickly and always looking for great new members of the team.

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Email me jobs from Felt