Bristol, UK
Bristol, UK

Company Description

Did you know that travel is the biggest source of carbon emissions in the UK and Europe, making up 32% of all emissions! Even though COVID-19 reduced the number of business flights by 75%, they're quickly returning to pre-pandemic levels and are expected to surpass them by 2026.


RouteZero is a young, fast-moving climate-tech startup that provides large public and private organisations with the only platform they need to decarbonise business travel. We aim to prevent millions of tonnes of CO₂ entering the atmosphere by helping customers deploy the most effective carbon-cutting actions. We achieve this in three steps:

  1. Use customers’ historical data to plan actions to hit their Net-Zero goals
  2. Roll out carbon-cutting actions to 1000s of staff, including low-carbon routing and booking, carbon budgeting, gamification, social influence tools, and more!
  3. Measure emissions reductions to ensure they're on track

In just one year, we've taken RouteZero from an idea to a company funded by InnovateUK, with products in customers' hands, including the UK Government, large consulting firms, and more. We've also partnered with Trainline, Voi, and other travel providers to help provide a seamless user experience in our products. 

Over the next year, we aim to grow the team to 10, and are looking for people who love the early stages of startups. During this time, you’ll help us:

  • Continue to build low-carbon routing and booking for trains, flights, micromobility and more in the UK and Europe with our partners Trainline, Voi, and others
  • Integrate carbon calculation methodologies to track emissions at a granular level
  • Build, test, and refine carbon-cutting actions (there's a lot of space for creativity and innovation here - we want everyone at RouteZero to get involved in coming up with ideas)
  • Explore how machine learning can predict future emissions and identify emission reduction opportunities through our carbon-actions
  • Plus more!

It's not easy to rebuild business travel to prioritise sustainability, but we're up for the challenge and are building the team to do it!

Email me jobs from RouteZero


Email me jobs from RouteZero