Deep Isolation

Berkeley, CA, USA

Company Description

Deep Isolation, a cleantech startup, has designed a patented solution using proven drilling technology to safely dispose of the existing 80,000 tons of nuclear waste deep underground. Founded through a passion for environmental stewardship, scientific ingenuity, and American entrepreneurship, Deep Isolation has brought together the highest caliber team of experts to become the first company of its kind to propose a public-private partnership for the disposal of nuclear waste, an untapped $120 billion worldwide market. Deep Isolation has made significant progress on clearing regulatory hurdles and has multiple paths to licensing for its secure and profitable solution that has already received widespread support.

When pioneering a viable solution to a global challenge, it takes experts with different perspectives and backgrounds to work together on a unified purpose. Whether you are an expert in nuclear energy, experienced in driving government policy and legislation, or active in working with communities engagement, a career with Deep Isolation offers a unique opportunity to pave the way in protecting all our communities with safe nuclear waste storage and disposal.

Our goal is to build a team of passionate, diverse, driven, smart individuals who don't see problems; they see exciting opportunities to make change, even when faced with a challenge.

If you are driven to this purpose, please inquire with us.

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