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The truth about chicken.

Like many of you, we were raised on chicken. It was a staple at our family meals, a standard in our school cafeterias, and a late-night go-to at our favorite fast food chains. It was cheap, tasty and omnipresent. And we never looked at it twice. Until we did. 

What we found was an industry mired in harsh realities of which far too many people are unaware. An industry that’s as unsustainable as it is unethical and unjust. Yet, even as that industry has proven destructive to our health, our feathered friends and our planet, it has enjoyed uninterrupted growth for decades.


We dared to ask.

What if we could make chicken better?

What if we could give people everything they love about chicken—the flavor, the texture, the experience—without the chicken? And what if we could take down “big chicken” in the process?


We dared to answer.

100% plant-based chicken that looks, cooks and tastes just like the animal-based counterpart.

Bravely made with a few simple, natural ingredients. Boldly healthy with high protein and low calories, and free of GMO, gluten and cholesterol. Brilliantly delicious with uncompromised flavor, texture and versatility. And better for people, chickens and our planet.


Small swap = Big impact.

What can a simple swap from chicken to daring do?

Turns out, quite a bit. For you, it means cooking, feeling and living a healthier life. For chickens, it means chipping away at the industry that kills over 9 billion each year for human consumption. And for the planet, it means moving towards a more sustainable food source that minimizes our ecological impact and carbon footprint. So be daring. Make the swap. And together we can dare to build a brighter future for ourselves and our planet.


daring is caring

Our ongoing initiative to improve every aspect of our business to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

And to support like-minded organizations that are daring to build a brighter future for humankind and our planet.


We’re daring to make a difference. And we hope you’ll dare to join us.

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