Mossy Earth

United Kingdom

Company Description

Our Purpose

Our team shares a passion for the outdoors and the preservation of our natural world. As such we work with one mission in mind, to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife and biodiversity and help fight climate change.

Approach to impact

Our on the ground impact is funded through the Mossy Earth membership and we strive to make it a fun and interactive experience for all our members. In order to be as transparent as possible we have published our methodologies.


The aims of rewilding resonate with a lot of people, however not everyone has the time or knowledge required to assess the value and feasibility of different interventions. That’s why we have developed a rewilding project selection process that ensures that our member’s support has the greatest possible impact. Before deciding whether to support a rewilding project, we carry out a systematic selection process and check if the project meets our criteria.

Email me jobs from Mossy Earth


Email me jobs from Mossy Earth