The Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice


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The Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice is a public foundation that raises money and makes grants to support organizations led by Black women, Indigenous women, women of color, and others on the frontlines working to address intersecting climate, gender, and racial crises in the U.S. Their work includes advocacy for strong policies, social movement-building to intensify public demand for change, civic engagement to build political power and hold decision-makers accountable, and creative communications efforts to move hearts, minds, and imaginations. We make grants across the US, with a predominant focus on the Southeast, a 10-state region responsible for nearly a third of US emissions.


In consultation and partnerships with advisors rooted in philanthropy and community activism, and with lived experience in the South, we identify and build relationships with groups and leaders who have historically lacked access to funding and who are essential to making progress to address the climate crisis. We fund grantee partners with significant amounts of multi-year general support funding and trust in their expertise.

The Hive Fund also provides a range of grant-making services to donors, including fostering a learning community with other funders to explore strategies to address systemic funding barriers and maximize benefit to grantees. We’re not afraid to experiment with new approaches, and we’re committed to being honest and transparent about what’s working and what’s not.


White supremacy, misogyny, and economic systems that make pollution profitable are intimately intertwined. Addressing the climate crisis at a scale and in the time needed to avert disaster will require transforming the systems of power governing who pollutes, who profits, and whose lives are valued. Many Black, Brown, and Indigenous women have been fighting fossil industries for years, even generations. These leaders are skilled, sophisticated, and visionary campaigners for justice, and among the most energized champions of climate action. Many of their organizations work by multi-solving - building civic power and addressing many problems affecting our communities at once. Yet these groups receive only a tiny share of philanthropic funding.

Funding for women of color-led efforts and multi-solving approaches can speed up the transition to a fossil-free society that also values women’s lives and leadership and delivers cleaner air, voting rights, living wage jobs, and other tangible and lasting benefits. Philanthropic investments will help organizations consolidate wins and expand power in virtuous cycles as people see the fruits of their efforts in tangible improvements in their lives and communities. These victories begin to scale into transformational and gigaton-level change.

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Email me jobs from The Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice