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Company Description

The Only One platform is a new home for stories, solutions, and community action to protect the ocean, tackle the climate crisis, and help fuel the movement for a more just, equitable planet.

We are all in this together

More than ever, it’s clear how interconnected we all are. What happens in one part of the world impacts the fate of people and nature everywhere, both now and stretching far into the future. The climate emergency, the Covid-19 pandemic, species loss, and environmental injustice are all interconnected, and we have to address them together.

We know some of us are impacted more than others

The global crises we are facing today impact us all, but not equally. Caring for people and the planet demands a new spirit of collaboration, centered on justice and equity, and with a renewed commitment to those of us who are disproportionately affected.

We believe the ocean is a powerful force

We need a new vision for our shared future, one that challenges our understanding of even the most familiar subjects, including the ocean. Pushed to the brink of collapse, the ocean still has the power to be an extraordinary solution, helping to temper the effects of planetary warming, provide food and sustenance for the Earth’s growing population, and heal the planet as we heal our communities.

We share space with everyone

The Only One Platform is a project of the Only One Collective, founded in 2019 by Blue Sphere Foundation, Lonely Whale, and SeaLegacy, organizations committed to harnessing the power of media and technology to create and amplify stories that inspire action to protect the ocean, the planet, and each other. Built by a small team at the Only One Collective, the platform is a shared space, home to stories and solutions from people of all backgrounds and organizations of all types.

We have only one planet and only one ocean, and there is only one way to do this: Together.

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Email me jobs from Only One