Banyan Infrastructure

San Francisco, CA, USA

Company Description

Banyan is a platform that automates contractual compliance and creates transparency throughout the loan lifecycle of infrastructure projects.

Banyan is unleashing capital to accelerate the development of the next-generation of infrastructure projects that will provide essential services, like electricity, to all people across the globe and transform the world’s energy systems to sustainable forms of energy.

Our technology helps lenders originate, service, and syndicate loans to infrastructure projects at higher volume and lower cost.

Despite all the advances and availability of realtime information and data analytics about infrastructure performance, loans to infrastructure projects remain static, natural language documents that are completely disconnected and siloed from the project performance. Today, loan performance and covenant compliance reviews are still basically a manual process with the borrower and lender exchanging performance data and financial reports via email or cloud-based loan servicing application.

Digitized loans managed on the Banyan platform are dynamic loan agreements that are seamlessly integrated with the project’s IOT monitoring systems, bank accounts, and other asset management applications. Contractual clauses in the loan agreement, such as the debt service coverage ratio, are directly linked to the underlying data that drives the DSCR calculations. Borrowers and lenders have a realtime view of loan performance and covenant compliance that is continually recorded to an immutable, distributed ledger that is shared across all the contractual counterparties.

With increased transparency, lenders can syndicate, sell, or securitize loans with greater ease. Participating lenders have the same realtime view of loan performance and the waterfall of debt service payments.

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Email me jobs from Banyan Infrastructure