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We believe that our interconnectedness should be celebrated. Addressing inequalities in systems must be acknowledged with grace and compassion for the greater good. Local issues are global issues, and we must act with agency to regenerate and heal our planet. 



Our mission is to advance environmental sustainability, make education and science available to everyone, and increase the availability of resources to those in need. 


Far Away supports social impact projects in nearly every country in the world. We connect change-makers to vital funds, technical tools and support so that they can create change in their local community. 


We link donors, both individual and corporate, to project leads and their beneficiaries. We make it easy for them to partner, access and distribute sponsorship, and deliver their project. We specifically focus on projects with sustainable, regenerative and humanitarian purposes.

Range of Services:

  • Fiscal sponsorship 
  • Funding resources 
  • Legal compliance 
  • Technical tools 
  • Professional Coaching, Marketing & Fundraising
  • Project support 

Far Away is a fast growing and nimble organization looking for people who are willing to dive in and join this lively culture of people dedicated to making the world a better place. We are a decentralized network of active change makers in the world, working hard on projects. We are looking to build out the support team to the projects and stakeholders.


Building an equitable and regenerative future

Our work focuses on the direction and blueprint outlined by the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals” The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. The 17 Goals are all interconnected, and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve them all by 2030. (reference *un.org)

Equal Opportunity Employer: 

We celebrate diversity and demand equal opportunity employment. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Development work at the scale we aim to impact- will require a diverse and unprecedented workforce. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

Email me jobs from Far Away Projects


Email me jobs from Far Away Projects