Platform Engineer: Back-End Systems

7 months ago
Full time role


Climate change is the defining challenge of our time: a once-in-a-generation test that is rapidly reshaping the world around us. ...

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Job Description


Back-end engineering at ACTUAL focuses on the data and API affordances required for a new kind of web application: one part enterprise-grade system of record, and one part “Sim” sandbox for modeling complex sustainability projects. Accomplishing these goals is very much an active R&D enterprise -- one that will require us to go well beyond the patterns of the typical web stack -- and we value individuals who combine enterprise-level rigor with strong technical creativity.

An ideal candidate will have:

  • Strong experience building and supporting the API and database layers of production web applications in a modern language such as Go, Node, or Python

  • Experience working with data protocols that extend beyond basic request/response, e.g. messaging, event streams, WebSockets 

  • Very strong product orientation, and the desire to work closely with front-end counterparts to build features that leverage the full stack to create a seamless, responsive user experience

  • The ability to jump in and make progress on different levels of the web stack as needed. You absolutely do not need to be an expert at everything, but you should be comfortable learning and extending beyond your core domain.

    • Technologies and tools that we currently work with include: React, TypeScript, Redux, Node, Python, PostgreSQL, Mapbox, Google Cloud Platform, Storybook, and Gitlab CI/CD


For additional context, here are some other (non-required) topics and technologies that relate closely to our work. If you find one or more of your interests on this list, you’ll likely enjoy the kinds of challenges that we focus on

  • The design of complex data pipelines and data ecosystems

  • Game engines (Unity, Unreal) and engine design

  • Simulation of complex systems, both quantitative/numerical and qualitative/graphical

  • Performance sensitive design, measurement, and optimization

  • Next generation web technologies, including advanced 2D and 3D web graphics (Canvas, WebGL, WebGPU) and WebAssembly


Careers at ACTUAL come with a competitive salary, meaningful equity, and a suite of comprehensive benefits including platinum-level health plans with fully-paid family coverage, 401(k), professional development budget, a home office/co-working stipend, and more.


Please apply via this website or by sending your resume as an attachment or link to: A short note introducing yourself and the reasons for your interest is welcome.

Stellar candidates can come from many different backgrounds. We encourage you to submit your resume for consideration if you feel you would be a great fit, even if you don’t exactly match the requirements.

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time: a once-in-a-generation test that is rapidly reshaping the world around us. ...

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