CTO/Developer Cofounder of a climatech startup

about 2 months ago
Full time role

Job Description

The Opportunity  

We're looking for developers to become co-founders of scalable climatetech startups through Carbon13’s Venture Builder. 

Software is crucial to how our world can decarbonise the way it travels, eats, makes and powers the world - and developers use Carbon13 to focus only on the biggest problems, to make the biggest impact on emissions.  

Through the eight-month Venture Builder, software ventures that founders have launched so far include a carbon management platform for SMEs, a regenerative farming platform, commercial food waste management, as well as materials discovery through quantum computing, and AI-driven design of low carbon buildings. You can view our portfolio of ventures at 

Working on an MVP?  

Unlike accelerators, you do NOT need an idea or MVP to join Carbon13, though you can apply with one if you do. You will either be supported to find an idea to develop which can significantly reduce emissions, or join a cofounder/team who bring IP or an idea or strong insights into an emitting industry 

You may choose to apply your skills to a software idea or you may choose to cofound a hardtech or deeptech startup with a scientist/engineer cofounder. Half of our ventures are software, half are science-based/hardtech. You can view our portfolio of ventures at 

How does Carbon13 work?  

On Carbon13 you are building a startup as part of a cohort of 70 founders. You are not sat in a room being told what you already know. Our programme is designed to amplify the work you're doing, because the planet doesn't have time to waste on theory or incremental ideas.  

-Phase 1: Teaming & Ideation in 6 weeks  

You will find a cofounder in the first 6 weeks. As a technical founder you most likely will team up with a founder with a proven track record in founding startups or industry leadership in emitting sectors. On average 90% of the 70 founders on the cohort form teams within 6 weeks.  

-Phase 2: Validation in 9 weeks  

Your team will intensely work on:  

Team strengthening | Carbon intelligence | Rapid iterations of concepts | Business model forming | Prototype testing | Intellectual property | Customer development | Stakeholder development | Behaviour change | Governance | Venture incorporation  


-Phase 3: Acceleration in 4 months  

After Phase 2, we invest pre-seed into 14 ventures. They then use Phase 3 to focus on market, product, business model and strategy to prepare the venture for further seed-stage investment. 

We also help you look at scaling strategies, managing growth pains and developing a funding strategy.  


Applications are open now for our next two cohorts: 

  • Berlin Cohort 1 starts 21st February 2023 
  • Cambridge Cohort 5 starts 14th March 2023 

Apart from nine in-person days in Berlin or Cambridge, you can do the programme from anywhere in the world. The rest of the programme is delivered remotely. 

Learn More  

We are running a series of webinars available to everyone who would like to learn more about Carbon13 and how to build startups with breakthrough solutions for the climate. Our next one for scientists and engineers can be found here - 


Carbon13 in numbers: 

- £3.5 million investment across 32 ventures since 2021 

- 65% have already raised further funding 

- 50% of the ventures are software, 50% science or hardware based 

- 70 potential cofounders on every cohort 

- 35 technical, 35 commercial cofounders 

- 90% of each cohort forms a cofounding team within 6 weeks 

- 100s of domain experts, carbon experts, entrepreneurs in residence 

- 10 million tonnes of emissions every year. We only launch startups that have the potential to reduce emissions by 10 million tonnes. 

We caused climate change. Let's fix it.