Chief Marketing Officer

about 1 year ago
Full time role
Kelowna, BC, CA... more
Kelowna, BC, CA... more

Job Description

Wanted: Chief Marketing Officer

Do you love world-changing technology? Do you have a passion for sustainable materials? Does curating compelling campaigns and driving global success bring you joy? Does the idea of engineering a waste-free future excite you? If so, we’re looking for you! 


  • Have pulled recyclables out of the trash
  • Are really interested in circular economies
  • Appreciate a good debate even with your boss
  • Figure out how to fix it instead of who is to blame
  • Aren’t afraid to jump in the deep end
  • Are excited about building & growing empowered teams


  • Believe we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children
  • Work to protect and restore the environment
  • Aren't afraid to make mistakes as long as we learn
  • Care more about your values and intelligence than your experience
  • Are committed to creating team dynamics that create empowerment vs. entitlement

Our Core Values:

  1. Commit to a culture that builds a strong COMMUNITY
  2. Foster CREATIVITY to inspire fresh innovation
  3. Embrace COURAGE by taking action despite uncertainty
  4. Live with Awareness and CONSCIOUSNESS of our choices

The Opportunity: 

We are seeking a passionate and creative leader with experience in all facets of marketing, including developing a strategy for new brands, categories, and product lines, with core competencies in digital marketing and e-commerce, and hands-on experience in launching new products, both direct to consumer and in retail channels. Responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of the marketing and growth advertising initiatives in our new category-defining smart waste space, the ideal candidate will thrive in uncharted waters. Reporting directly to the chief executive officer, the CMO's primary responsibility is to generate revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire organization, using market research, pricing, technology, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising, and public relations. The role ensures the organization's message is distributed across channels and to targeted audiences in order to meet sales objectives by seeking out new ways to deliver messaging, such as mobile platforms, video, and social media. Entering into new channels and supporting the growth of the category in Retail, Wholesale and Enterprise through compelling messaging and collaboration with our Sales team will be expected. This is a great opportunity for a VP to grow into a CSuite level. Play a key role in the company’s growth by positioning the organization as the leader and disruptor of waste innovation and help to create a waste-free future. 

The Responsibilities: 

  • Develop and drive all customer facing marketing campaigns, in partnership with external agency and internal Creative Team, leveraging an optimized multimedia mix and delivering on objectives in all channels
  • Oversee and influence brand marketing, communications, growth, loyalty & editorial/social media strategies engaging with customers, engaging with the target audience and linking stakeholders to the organization
  • Infuse innovation and different thinking into all go to market strategies - create the conditions for invention.
  • Ensure the execution of team deliverables and adapt team priorities based on changing needs
  • Act as an advocate for the customer by placing them at the forefront of all design and decision-making processes
  • Build strong teams by attracting and developing the best talent
  • Bring out the best in others, empower and constructively stretch talent
  • Give authentic feedback on performance and potential
  • Ensure all team members understand where they stand and have clear performance objectives aligned with company goals
  • Accountable for the overall engagement, productivity, turnover and bench strength of the team
  • Collaborate with others to drive flexible and iterative solutions, quickly and easily
  • Share technical knowledge with others and actively seek to learn from those more knowledgeable than yourself
  • Help others see the impacts of their efforts and proactively engage other functions to get input
  • Encourage others to freely share their point of view and be open to feedback
  • Celebrate diversity of thought and have a growth mindset
  • Take an active role in fostering a culture of continual learning, taking risks without the fear of making mistakes
  • Embrace, champion and influence change through your team and/or the organization


  • You've successfully built and scaled the Marketing function of an early stage company and are excited to do it again.
  • You’ve successfully led a marketing organization at a company that has grown annual sales from $50M to $500M.
  • Strong communication & collaboration skills. You’re comfortable working cross-functionally with stakeholders and can manage competing views to drive alignment and resolution.
  • Capacity to see things at both a strategic and operational level as required (zoom in and out of hands on work as required) 
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices for marketing in all forms
  • Commercially oriented, data-driven decision-maker with analytic skills, sound judgment, creativity, and a proactive approach to identifying and assessing opportunities
  • Degree in Business, Communications, Marketing, or a related discipline
  • 8+ years of progressive marketing experience in top tier D2C, and Retail consumer product
  • Self-starter who is able to prioritize and deliver on deadlines with minimal supervision, have the ability to persuade, inspire and motivate their team members and other stakeholders and drive results

Commitment to Diversity 

Pela is committed to cultivating and preserving a company culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This means we seek out people with a diversity of opinion and with strengths that will be complementary to our existing organization. We know that we will grow and learn better with a diverse team. When recruiting new members of our team, we welcome the unique contributions that you can bring in terms of your education, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, age, religion, and sexual orientation.

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