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Verkor is a French industrial company set to amplify battery cell production. ...

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Job Description

Verkor is a French industrial company aiming to pioneer low-carbon battery manufacturing in France. With the backing of prominent industrial companies such as Renault Group, Plastic Omnium and Schneider Electric, Verkor intends to electrify the future of European mobility.
With over 200+ experts from 29 different countries, our endeavor is to unite exceptional global talent to bring this ambitious and innovative project to life. Our strong and agile international team continues to grow and adapt to new challenges. Based in Grenoble (France), we are currently establishing our Verkor Innovation Centre (R&D centre and 4.0 pilot line).
In the coming years, we will focus on building the world’s most modern and efficient Gigafactory in Dunkirk (France). With this facility, our ambition is an initial annual production of 16 Gwh of lithium-ion batteries by 2025, thus powering 300,000 electric vehicles annually and creating 1200 direct jobs.  
In joining us you will actively participate in this breathtaking industrial adventure toshape the future of European mobility.
You are responsible for the systems that charge, discharge, degas, and measure the batteries. The role will evolve from the planning the pilot line, setting up the pilot line, improving the pilot line, planning the Gigafactory line, and then setting up the Gigafactory line. You are embracing the objective of building and structuring Verkor as the most advanced battery manufacturing company in the world.


  • Conducting research and development work for battery cell formation and testing process to improve cell formation process on safety, quality, and productivity with the pilot line and engineering workshop.
  •  Analyzing and evaluating battery cell electrical performance data collected in laboratory experiments and pre-production operations to determine direct and interaction effects of the formation equipment and processes under evaluation. 
  • Performing root cause analysis to systematically identify and fix sources of defects.
  • Providing engineering support to battery cell formation team and cell assembly production team to resolve manufacturing process issues.


  • Evidence of exceptional ability. Verkor follows a culture of full-cycle engineering where members will have full responsibility and accountability for their projects from start to finish. We are looking for the best of the best.
  • 10-20 years of experience working with lithium-ion cell technology.
  • Experience in battery manufacturing environment, particularly with lithium-ion battery cell formation and/or testing.
  • Experience with battery cell formation process design and its influence on SEI analysis in the laboratory.
  • Experience with root cause analysis, defect reduction, and failure analysis.
  • Strong programming, statistical, and data analysis skills with tools such as Python, Matlab, and Minitab.
  • Machine learning experience, such as PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, and Scikit-learn.
  • Experience in electrochemical and materials analysis using EIS, HPPC, SEM, EDX, and other characterization techniques.
  • Basic: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/Electrochemical/Chemical/Materials Engineering or similar discipline.
  • Preferred: M.S. or Ph.D. in Electrical/Electrochemical/Chemical/Materials Engineering or similar discipline.

Why join us?
Strong company spirit and culture settle down around our 4 values:ContributionWe promote personal initiative and give everyone the means to contribute to the company's success.CommunicationWe're committed to transparent communication: we say what we think, and we mean what we say.Team SpiritEveryone, in their role, is an ambassador for the company. At Verkor, success is most definitely a team sport!CommitmentWe're all working towards a common goal: a sustainable future, which we're building one step at a time.

Attractive work conditions- Stimulating work environment: pleasant offices, multicultural and motivated team- Live and work in the Green Capital of Europe- Lunch vouchers - 50% of local transportation costs financed - 7 weeks of holidays per year- Industry-leading healthcare- Opportunities to network and connect with worldwide experts
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Verkor is a French industrial company set to amplify battery cell production. ...

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