Principal Software Engineer (fullstack)

Jakarta, Indonesia
about 1 month ago
Full time role


Recoolit empowers sustainable cooling around the world. Air conditioning is critical for climate resilience: as the world gets hotter, AC adoption ...

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Job Description

Recoolit is looking for a principal full-stack software engineer. This is an individual contributor role, where you would be working directly with senior leadership and our operations and sales teams to continue building our entire end-to-end platform.

This position is full-time, based in Jakarta, and requires English language fluency.

About Recoolit

Recoolit is an early-stage startup on a mission to prevent climate change. Our founding team and early leaders bring experience from Apple, Airbnb, and Silicon Valley startups, and we’re backed by leading US climate investors. We have a working product, actual customers and real revenue. Now we’re growing our software team to keep building out our platform.

We focus on preventing the release of refrigerants (freon) into the atmosphere. These are gasses used to operate air conditioners and refrigerators. Project Drawdown rates refrigerant management as their #4 climate solution, with the potential to avoid almost 60 gigatons of CO2e by 2050 – more than 50x the annual emissions of the entire aviation industry.

We’re the only company actually tackling this problem in the real world, operating in Indonesia where we are destroying refrigerants before they can be released into the environment. We’ve already prevented the release of more than 5000 tons of CO2e, and are currently scaling within Indonesia and planning to expand to other countries. Our motto: gigatons or bust!

Our Product

Our solution has two sides. On the supply side, we partner with building owners, AC manufacturers, professional organizations, and individual HVAC technicians. When an AC unit needs maintenance or reaches end of life, we work with technicians to recover the refrigerant gasses and store them. We later destroy the used refrigerants in a high-temperature incinerator, permanently preventing their release into the atmosphere and avoiding the resulting climate impact. All this activity is tracked and coordinated by our software, including both an external-facing product as well as tooling for our internal ops and logistics teams.

On the demand side, we sell carbon credits to businesses, individuals, and non-profit foundations that are concerned about climate change. We maintain a public registry of our carbon credits at Buyers of our credits can view detailed reports about their purchase, including who collected the refrigerants, for what reason, and all the details of the journey from collection to destruction.

The Role

As our principal software engineer, you would be responsible for the entire tech stack. This includes our supply-side facing platform, our internal operations tooling, and our buyer-focused registry site. Your responsibilities would include:

  • Partner with our operations staff to improve internal efficiency
  • Maintain our inventory database, which keeps track of our equipment, our non-destroyed refrigerant stockpile, and the credits which result from refrigerant destruction
  • Work with our collection partners to improve our recovery tooling, making it easier for technicians to get the equipment they need, perform and log recoveries, and get paid for the gas they’ve collected.
  • Maintain our buyer-facing tools, including purchase forms, receipts, and our public registry
  • Build API integrations for our external sales partners
  • Manage external contractors, including designers or web developers building our corp website

Skills and Experience

Our infrastructure is built in Typescript, using Express on the backend and React on the frontend. It is built in Github, and deployed to Google Cloud Run using docker. You should have many of the following skills and experience:

  • 5+ years of professional experience in JS ecosystem
  • Strong understanding of type systems, especially Typescript or other progressive type systems
  • Experience with front-end development using React, NextJS, or another UI framework (Vue, Angular, etc…)
  • Experience with CSS frameworks – we use Bootstrap – and Sass
  • Experience with NodeJS and running javascript on the backend
  • Familiarity with MVC patterns, especially in API design
  • 3+ years of experience with databases, especially Postgres
  • Good knowledge of SQL and of SQL generating frameworks – we use Knex
  • Familiarity with Github Actions or other similar build systems
  • Familiarity with Docker, especially Dockerfiles and building containers
  • 3+ years of professional experience deploying applications using Docker containers
  • 3+ years of experience with cloud providers – we use Google Cloud
  • Comfortable with spreadsheets, especially Google Sheets
  • Experience with delayed job frameworks – we use Graphile Workers
  • Familiarity with Android development is a bonus

Additionally, you should have experience with, and be excited about, working in a startup environment where you might wear many hats and take on many different responsibilities. For example, we don’t currently have a product manager or any in-house designers, although we do work with some contractors for design. You should be strongly self-motivated, be able to set priorities and make decisions. You will have a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of ownership – you should be comfortable with that!

This position is full-time, based in our office in Jakarta. (We are open to discussing arrangements where you split time between Jakarta and elsewhere.) You’ll be our first full-time engineer, working directly with the CEO and with our Engineering Advisor, a Silicon Valley veteran based in California.

Recoolit empowers sustainable cooling around the world. Air conditioning is critical for climate resilience: as the world gets hotter, AC adoption ...

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